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New York City-based Elizabeth and the Catapult is Elizabeth Ziman (on vocals and keys), Danny Molad (on drums) and Peter Lalish (guitar). They’ve been getting more and more buzz lately and DC gets a chance to see what the fuss is all about this Friday @ Red & The Black. Check out three of their songs below, complete with synopses of the inspiration for each one. You can also check them out here and here.

Mommas boy
This song was written as a complete joke. However it seems be the one song on the album that almost everyone i know can relate to. It occurred to me one day that all of my boyfriends, past and present had always expected me to take on a very maternal role in our relationships. Being that I’m a bit of a recluse and have a hard enough time taking care of myself, this cold fact inevitably led to problems. Throughout my life, No matter how hard I try I just can’t cook a decent meal. And that’s something that I (and all my exes) eventually have to come to terms with. Anyway, the song was written at the same time as we were putting the finishing touches on our first self titled ep. I had a good feeling about the song so I convinced danny(drummer/producer) to tag it onto the cd- and we ended up recording the whole thing in just about two days. As these things usually work, our little happy accident became one of our “hits”. Atleast according to the ladies…

Golden Ink
I wrote this song pretty quickly on my parents Steinway grand after having a meeting with a very crass condescending prick of a lawyer! He basically told me I was too old to even attempt to have a career and that my music wasn’t up to par. He also happened to mention that my image was drab and that my arms were fat(what the?!). He was obviously a moron but I was in a vulnerable mood and I rushed home to write a song about it. That night I made danny record it all pn hids protoold rig in my childhood bedroom. I had a cold so it sounded more raw and honest then some of my other performances. It was so fresh that we eventually came back to it to change a couple of the lyrics, but everythung else stayed the same. It’s still my favorite of all the recordings we’ve done. I wouldn’t change a single thing.

Race u
This song came to me when I was hanging out in a playground in Washington square park. There were a bunch of eight or nine year old playing jump rope and singing this nursery rhyme- it sounded almost like a chant or a kid rapping- one of the lines was “one two three set ready set go” I suddenly had a vision of a bunch of children running through the woods to get home in time for supper and singing all along the way! I wrote the lyrics on my train ride home, more a rap than a melody- and by the time I got to the piano the bulk of the song was ready to go. The songs I’m most proud of always come out in a rush- in a sudden flood of ideas. I once missed a plane because I was writing a song. Once it comes I won’t let go until it’s basically done. Race you was one of those songs.

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