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Cold Specks will be at Mercury Lounge tomorrow night (11/8) and at Jammin’ Java this Saturday, and to preview the shows we’ve got a couple of amazing videos to share with you; Canadian songstress Al Spx gave us the run-down on all four of them, so if you aren’t too busy being dazzled by the visuals and vocals, take a moment to check out those descriptions for a bit of insight. And now here’s the part where I’m supposed to tell you about how Cold Specks’ sound is self-proclaimed as “doom soul,” which is pretty cool-sounding, right?! Well, while Al herself has said that it’s an accurate descriptor (and I would agree, in a way), I’m not going to harp on it too hard since that’s another one of those “the-internet-got-carried-away-and-won’t-let-it-go-now” categories; personally, I think you should just listen to the songs and get swept up by what’s on the screen and in your ears. (Trust me, it’s not hard.) So here’s all that, and if you like what you hear (you will), then 1) head to the show, and/or 2) grab I Predict A Graceful Expulsion for your very own.

  • Holland:

I met Olivier Groulx a few months before we made this video. We wanted to create something that had contrasting elements that created new meanings.

  • Blank Maps:

This was the second video Olivier and I did together. We took a walk around the marshes by my apartment and found the Lee Valley Ice centre. We found a skater and thought it would be perfect. I suppose the song and the accompanying video is about a desire to let go.

  • Hector:

I just wanted to dress up as a murderous, zombie, pregnant bride. I’m glad to have accomplished this.

  • Winter Solstice:

We filmed this one outside of Paris. It’s about different kinds of loss. Basically, a shit ton of shit.

So there you have it! Mind-blowing, right? If you come out to the Mercury Lounge show say HI because I’ll be there. SEE YOU SOON!