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A few weeks ago on what was a grueling (read: rainy and incredibly hungover) Friday morning, I was set to be at the Alliance Francais by 9am.  And while I got quite a lot of information on their excellent programing for the remainder of 2011, it was having my first listen of Chateau Marmont that made getting out of bed worth it.  Simply put, Chateau Marmont is an electro-pop four-piece hailing from Paris, France. Without going all music nerd on you, I’d equate their sound easily  to the likes of Daft Punk, Bag Raiders, and Air.   Upon deeper discovery of the foursome, it turns out their spacey disco-like remixes of La Roux, Heartsrevolution, Ladyhawke, and Röyksopp have been circulating with positive praise for the past year.  Thanks to Alliance Francais, Chateau Marmont is making their North American touring debut this week, stopping the Velvet Lounge tonight on the way down to SXSW. (Tickets are still on sale! $10 in advanced and $15 at the door)

Chateau Marmont were kind enough to send over a few words to go along with three tracks for your absolute listening pleasure.  Check ’em out below!

chateau marmont by ShaunaBYT

Solar Apex

Inspired by 70’s sci-fi, a tribute to the fascination for space exploration back in those days, which also inspired electronic music pioneers. somehow synthesizers and outer space are linked.



This song is a fantasy, about radical change, having the guts to abandon everything to start a new life, to get what you really want. Everybody thinks about that at some point, not many actually do it. we pictured it as a beautiful woman driving a fast car. Diane is a french name and a french car. beautiful design but not fast, we can’t be too serious.



A track to dance to, a vision of the french riviera in the summer of 84. think sunshine, convertible cars, bikinis, mustaches, vice and perversion. a bit like our own Miami maybe.

BONUS! A sweet M.C. Esher-style video for Chateau Marmont’s track, ” One Hundred Realities ” animated/directed by Japanese artist Shinya Sato.

CHATEAU MARMONT – One Hundred Realities from Shinya Sato on Vimeo.