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It’s been almost 3 years since our last Listening Party post with Carsie Blanton. Since then, she’s been busy! With an incredible new video for her song “Backbone,” Carsie illustrates a unique infusion of her notoriously adorable brand of folk with a hint of seduction.

Keep reading to hear what inspired Carsies’ most recent projects and go see her this Sunday at Jammin Java.


This song (from Idiot Heart, 2012:) is a request to the gentlemen of the world, especially of my generation, to have a little backbone and say what they mean every once in a while. I think the emo/hipster trend has castrated a lot of young men and I find it a shame. Speak up, look me in the eye, stand up straight and maybe you’ll get somewhere. A well-cut suit wouldn’t kill you, either. – Carsie
This song is from my new EP, Rude Remarks and Dirty Jokes, which I’ll be selling on my upcoming tour (Jammin Java Sunday 3/24). One time, some important record exec dude told me that my songs are boring because they’re all about f**kin’. My thinking was, what is less boring thatn f**kin’? But I took his advice and I wrote a song about murder. I can’t tell whether the main character killed her boyfriend or became a prostitute, but whatever she did landed her in a “high-tech jail cell”. She’s pretty glib about the whole thing, too. – Carsie
This song is a few years old (from Buoy, 2009:). The video was shot in New Orleans (where I now live, thanks be to gawd), and the whole thing is a colorful celebration of the city and music and dance and joy. Try watching it without smiling, I dare ya. – Carsie