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Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez of Buke & Gass tangle themselves in instruments to fill the room with their ornate and progressive sound- in order to make you happy. They attach their feet to drums, bells to their thighs all while strapped with ukuleles. It’s avant-punk. D.I.Y. survivalist style.

Arone sent over some tracks to preview in anticipation of their show tonight @ RNR Hotel. We also have a pair of tickets to give away to this – just leave us a comment telling us WHY you’d like them.

Your Face Left Before You:

Arone:  I realized all too late that this title can be interpreted in some seriously rude ways, ie “The memory of you left before you actually did”, or “I’m over you, bye bye”.  Which I didn’t mean it to sound like.  What it means to me is literal:  somebody’s actual face floated off their head and out the door of a room before the person started walking out.  Just a visual of something relatively impossible.  On the same note, it’s natural to read someone’s facial expression, understanding when they’re bored, upset, happy, etc.  So it’s also metaphorical, which is how Aron likes to think of it.  Coincidentally, the song is about juxtapositions, which also makes more sense than I wanted it to.  Sometimes that’s just how words end up coming out.  They leave through your eyes before you begin to speak.  I love singing this song on the bike.  The voices in the break that sound like someone’s screaming “catch you right” or something, I lost my voice doing that shit.  Colin Stetson’s saxophone work is so amazing, right in the pocket.

Bring Your Knives:

Arone:  This is one of our first songs, it had evolved from playing with a third member on drumset, to us making due without him and growing this song like a lobster claw.  It was also the budding of our experimentation with time stretching and signature.  In the recording, towards the end, we added these cheap sounding synth horn hits, clearly wondering where Colin was when we needed him before we knew of him.  The line is “Is this how you recall due regard” which can only mean one thing, maybe, which might potentially be:  so-and-so forgot the kind of manners their mother taught them.  It was tentatively titled “Inch for Mile”, which was scrapped for the more aggressive “Bring Your Knives” which is what I’d wanted to name the band at one time.

Medulla Oblongata:
Arone:  This started out as a really jumpy and driving improvisation that immediately attracted us.  From that, we developed and added and simplified.  There must be at least 5 different performed versions of this song in our history, and the hardest part to play always seems to be in the “full recovery” line.