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I would like to start this post out by saying that I first heard Brass Bed last night, and instantly regretted not hearing them every other cold night on record. Simply, and maybe unceremoniously put, I love this band. It is the kind of pop music, people who really love pop music hope for: evoking a little bit of Big Star, a splash of Elephant six, a sprinkle of Byrds, and sitting prettily next to their record-label mates Golden Boots and Dr.Dog, these boys from Louisiana do what clever referencers should: make music that is comfortingly familiar but still new.
With their debut album “Melt White” out now on Park the Van records, they’re stopping by RED DOOR tonight to play a show with Frau Eva and Giant Cloud (details here) and if you like good, complex but not complicated indie rock, which is always smart but never pretentious, you should go see them.
Below, Christiaan Mader walks you through some of his favorite tracks off of “MELT WHITE”:

Bums on the Radio:

Bums really came from the musicality of the chorus phrase “all of the bums you know are working on the radio” In some ways I was trying to capture that snide attitude toward the taste and decision makers in the industry that Costello did in “radio radio”. Looking back i think it came off a little more blunt here. Maybe a lot more blunt.

Begs Me Not To Beg

“Begs” began as a simple bedroom acoustic track with some weird lyrics about my dad the baseball playing robot. As with a lot of songs I write for Brass Bed, the original melody was sung with nonsensical, placeholder words. I stumbled on the phrase “She begs me not beg” and thought up this little vignette about a couple in the last throes of their relationship. I left some of the baseball stuff in. No robots though. Maybe next time


Aria came together essentially as a fleshed out vigniette. we wanted it to serve as the same kind of trailed off intro as “friends”‘by the beach boys on “friends”. Personal favorite beach boys record. The song ended up a lot more contained than originally intended, and we were really pleased to get this final harmonies live on one mic. It’s double tracked but we did both tracks live.

Pop Mission

Pop mission was one of my favorite songs to track. We did it late and decided to not arrange it and just let it fly. The lead guitar track was recorded as an overdub with the instructions “don’t think just play motherfucker” it’s played almost as though the guitarist can’t really hear the band. May as well not.

WANT MORE: Follow BRASS BED on myspace, get MELT WHITE @ Park The Van records, and stop by the Red Door tonight to check them out live (with Frau Eva and Giant Cloud). BONUS: Check out their DAYTROTTER session here.