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DC’s own bluesy, surfy rock trio the Blackberry Belles are having their Album Release show on Friday July 29th at the Black Cat in conjunction with a benefit for Girls Rock! DC where they’ll be joined by UGLY and Spoonboy & the Papas. Fresh off their fine performance at Fr. Reno, guitarist and front man Toni Ferrari was kind enough to give BYT a little listening party preview all our own. Pour yourself some sippin’ whiskey and enjoy.


Listen Baby:
This track is the sounding of the alarm…the Belles are here! It opens the album and is a reoccurring opener for most of our shows.  The fuzz line can prove brutal when played at higher volumes. Luckily, the organ arrives just in time to prevent any permanent damage. The lyrics play on the theme of, “everyone told you I was no good for nothin’.” Consider yourself………warned.

Buried our Love Alive:

She’s a downer. This one is all about the heel turn; with the face of an angel and the hands of a thief. Just when you think you can trust the kid he hops off the apron and walks out of the arena. Did you not learn anything from “Listen Baby?” Did you not get that I was no good for nothin’?

Shine a Light:
It’s not all doom and gloom at Camp Belles. This came about as a dedication to my fiance because all I ever seem to write are sad songs. (rules from Listen Baby not applicable) This is by no means a radio edit. The vamp at the end captures the experience of a live BBB’s show with Alison going ape-shit on the drum solo. You don’t get a lot of drum solos on rock records any more. You like how we did that? Our album’s the shit.

Go on Home:
The drum beat is the star of the show. I originally brought this song to the band with a shuffle feel. Think “Radar Love.” However, when Ali got a hold of it, played from her gut, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.  The lyrics are playfully lamenting over a love gone sour. Imagine that….another song about a broken heart.