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I’d like to say any Animal Collective fan worth their snot knows about Avey Tare. But somehow he is a hidden jewel in the murky swamp of electronic music. Let me briefly introduce you…

Avey Tare is the alias of David Portner, founding member of Animal Collective. In late 2010 he released his first solo album entitled Down There. This album takes both a darker and more mellow turn from the other solo efforts of the band members… that is why I like Avey Tare best. The whole vibe of the album is swampy with Porter using a crocodile as the image for pretty much everything. The croc imagery likens the rhythmic, ethereal music to  mysterious swampland and the gritty danger of the creature itself. This theme is made evident in the music video for “Oliver Twist”. In case you are curious this video makes my top 10 list of all music videos of like all time. Take a few minutes out of your internetting to watch it.

That was mindblowing right?? Now take some drugs and watch it again. I TOLD YOU AVEY TARE IS GOOD! GO SEE AVEY TARE!

His music has all the psychedelic experimentation we have come to know and love from Animal Collective. Avey Tare has the singular ability to transport you to your own individual space with its auditory ambiance. “Lucky 1” and “Laughing Hieroglyphic” have an obvious influence from Merriweather Post Pavilion, its just a little muddier. You have to get to “Oliver Twist” (see the trippy video above) to hear what Avey Tare is all about as a solo artist. Not all the songs are perfect since experimental music does exactly what is name suggests. Things can get a little weird but when he is good… he is good!

Now that I have entirely convinced you of the merit/talent of the one and only Avey Tare go to U Street Music Hall tonight and see him in action! Ticket price is just $10 after all. The show includes two openers- Avey Tare’s label mate (and the other half of Terrestrial Tones) Eric Copeland and metro area local Insect Factory.