Listening Party: America Hearts
Peter Heyneman | Apr 23, 2010 | 3:05PM |
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America Heart is America’s next top model of Americana. A supergroup of DC indie rockers (the band includes Jess M (Gestures), Mark Cizneros, Justin Moyer (Eddie Sedgwick), and Olivia (Mancini) they channel Great Plains and and the Mountain Goats and other unbalanced freaky folks taking American trad-musical forms and spraypainting all over their faces. In conclusion, America America-American, USA USA USA!



This songs is about all the awkward stages and unsteady developments of a life in love. I got the idea for this song while watching my brother with his one-year-old son. I realized how crazy it must be to see a little fragile piece of you running around in the world.

“Train Tracks”

I recorded this song on a steel-bodied guitar with a resonator in the middle. The steel and the resonator make it an acoustic guitar that is heavy like an amp and gets really hot too. My friend, Trevor Kampmann from the band HollAnd did the recording at his place in 16th st heights.

I was in the attic, in the summer, and I kept screwing up the finger picking. So I was up there for a long time and the guitar got hotter and hotter. But I like the way it sounds like a deeper, dry banjo.

America Hearts plays with Hermit Thrushes (Philly) / Hosannas (OR) / and HUME (Britton Solo) tonight at Paper Sun (details here)!!!!!