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AgesandAges is a 7 piece folk rock harmony-full band from Portland, but hey, lets not hold it too much against them. Sure, the whole traveling village of like minded folky souls business has been played around and about quite a bit but they bring with themselves the sort of genuine joy your poor, jaded, “been there, done that 7 piece folk rock harmony band stuff before” soul may need on a sunny, April evening.  Bring on the handclaps, the clear guitar lines, the rollicking arrangements, the hand holding and the sing-along choruses, we say. They’re playing RED PALACE tonight (is there a RED PALACE show this month you DIDN’T want to see?) alongside one of my favorites LAKE, and we had Tim Perry, the man leading their mission walk us through some of the tracks from their ALRIGHT YOU RESTLESS debut LP. Kick back and enjoy:


This song is about finally turning my back on all of the horrible bullshit that sucks the truth out of everything that’s worth anything and how completely unapologetic I feel about every step I’m taking away from this dark dark place even if I have to build some kind of fortress to keep out the madness and how all who feel the same are more than welcome to come and together we will do many things but one of them will never be pining about the place we left behind us because it is and always will be so much better here.


If “No Nostalgia” is about leaving the old place behind, then “So So Freely” is about discovering the new and what it’s like. It’s about the excitement that comes along with this discovery and the feeling of liberation we get, having removed ourselves from a bad fit and placed ourselves in a better one. And of course, it’s an invitation.


“These Elbows.” I wanted to write a song about the opposite of claustrophobia. I think that freedom doesn’t exist when there’s anger in your heart or a chip on your shoulder. If you really want some elbow room, you gotta give up the grudge.