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Here’s the skinny: Adventure’s Benny Boeldt grew up in Durham, North Carolina. After graduating from high school, he left for Greenville North Carolina to attend East Carolina University, where he studied painting and drawing alongside friends Future Islands. It is there where Boeldt first developed an interest in writing and composing electronic music. After going by several different names when performing live, Adventure was finally chosen as the permanent title for Boeldt’s solo performances. After Graduating from ECU in 2007, Boeldt made the move to Baltimore, Maryland with encouragement from his friends Dan Deacon, OCDJ, and Videohippos, the latter of which he would later join for their last tour to Mexico and back. Since moving to Baltimore, Boeldt has toured extensively, both for Adventure’s first self titled release on Carpark Records in 2008, and also as a full time member of the Dan Deacon Ensemble.

After taking a year hiatus from writing new pop material and experimenting with new and different ways of songwriting, Boeldt began working on his second release for Carpark Records entitled Lesser Known, this time with the addition of voice and word. Adventure opens up for a very sold out Toro Y Moi show tomorrow at RNR Hotel, but Benny was nice enough to do a little listening party for us anyway.  —

Feels Like Heaven:
I wrote this song when I was doing particularly well. Mentally speaking. I mean, what I’m trying to say to you is, that this feels like heaven, and that this is my heaven, right here on planet earth. I am not a religious person or anything, in fact for the most part quite the opposite. But that doesn’t mean I can’t reference heaven in a song about feeling happy. You know what I mean? A mantra, staying upbeat, repetition! This is the first song I wrote with words, this is where the new writing style began to take shape and evolve.

Smoke and Mirrors:
I wrote almost all of these songs while in a long distance relationship. Needless to say it was a hell of an undertaking. Smoke and Mirrors falls somewhere between being influenced by my intense feelings of love and uncertainty, while also having watched many episodes of Fraggle Rock.

Something made me want to write a song about being in High school, or going back to high school, while still knowing everything you’ve learned up until this point in life. Like if you could turn back time and become your younger self, yet still know everything you know now. Also theres a weed reference “you were smoking grass” originally the line was to be “you were smoke in the grass” Like a slithering snake crawling across the football field at 7:00 AM, on a foggy day. Skipping classes, being young again. Liking a girl, wishing maybe you had been a little more suave back in the day. The Rio reference really doesn’t make much sense.