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Admiral Radley are playing at DC9 this Saturday. I heart, heart, HEART their album “I HEART CALIFORNIA”  and trust me you will too; it is a summer record you’ve been waiting for all summer: breezy, sing-alongable, with a great sense of humor about itself, something to put on the stereo as you jump into your hammock. The band features old friends and very talented people that are Grandaddy frontman Jason Lytle and drummer Aaron Burtch along with Ariana Murray and Aaron Espinoza of Earlimart (who wrote this listening party up for us).

Listen now-thank us later.


For fans of the original star trek…. Not necessarily the show itself… Or the storyline… Or all the nerdy stuff that goes along with Trekkies….,, it’s more of a recognition…. How cool and scrappy the guys were…. Makin that show…. Strung together with duct tape and Xmas lights…, creating such a wonderful world.., with whatever they had laying around.


Ariana is the secret ingredient…a somewhat playful…. Sad…  Beautiful.,, lighthearted tune…. Could be right out of nillson’s songbook.,,, in my opinion…. Just what the album needed.


Funny to write such sad songs…. when yer actually ver happy… It can happen!  I didn’t always think so….. But I was wrong…another song about communication.broken hearts.hometown backlash.and some Neil Young references


A little gem… Bout some of the more true…nitty… gritty California.  Lytle wrote the entire song…. Out in front of the studio…. Sitting in his van…. In about 10 mins!  Amazing… He walked in and we recorded it… Sometimes… Shit just works out.