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Words by Phelps

Showtime: 9pm, $10

DC troubadour Alex Vans is back from SXSW with his band, The Hideaway, and hitting Columbia Heights’ Dunes tonight with Philadelphia’s The Makes.  The latter features Rick Tate, saxophonist for The Roots (yes,  ?uestlove’s Roots,) who’ll be collaborating with both bands all night.  Alex provided us with a couple of his songs and one from The Makes below for your listening pleasure.

Chase the Night: This is my attempt at the next indie pop dance sensation, and my first attempt at using synthesizers.  I had help from Abe Seiferth of DFA studios on the electronic front.  Its gonna be the first single off of my upcoming full-length record.
Chase the Night Pre Master by BYT

Rockstar Treatment:  This is a real hard rocker inspired by my frustration over mediocre bands that get too much love.  If you love dark, sarcastic lyrics and power chords , then you’ll love this one.

She’s Lovely:  By The Makes, the band sharing the evening with me at the Dunes this Friday.  It features Rick Tate from The Roots.  Rick, a touring member of The Makes, will be jamming with both bands all night on sax.