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In a year where the single was more prevalent than a full-length release, there were few songs that captured the public’s attention like Phoenix’s “Lisztomania”.

After countless spins at dance parties, weddings,  in headphones, on SNL, and Urban Outfitters, it was inevitable that it would make its way to the Internet as well. And with the Internet comes a barrage of terrible covers and fan videos (not to mention the endless amount of remixes over at Hype Machine).

So, to honor the perfect pop song that your mother would love, here are five videos that did the song justice.

5. Phoenix — “Lisztomania” (Official music video)

Sure, it’s nice to see the group walking around Bayreuth, Germany with a giant balloon shaped like the bombs on their album artwork and to see Thomas Mars wear that blue shirt (I don’t think he has a change of clothes. The dude wore it on nearly every television appearance), but for such a great song, the video’s not really worth watching.

4. Phoenix — “Lisztomania (Classixx Mix)”

Here’s a video for one of the better remixes of this song released this year. Using a stone cold groove and some footage from Mummenschanz, a Swiss pantomime group, it created a surreal and equally appropriate video for the song.

And now for the dancing hipsters…


3. Phoenix — “Lisztomania” (SF Brat Pack Mashup)
2. Phoenix — “Lisztomania” (Brooklyn Brat Pack Mashup)
1. Phoenix — “Lisztomania” (Brat Pack Mashup)

John Hughes died this year. And he was reincarnated into the form of people ripping the dance scene from The Breakfast Club set to this song. Not only does the “original” version of this viral hit do a better job of encapsulating this song, but to see it expand into people doing their own take on the classic scene  is a fitting tribute.