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(where we see people we love jet off to SWSX and Winter Music Conference and wherever else not, and we make them devote a few non-hungover minutes to writing us a letter or two a day….first up:AUSTIN)

Well hello there BYT!

So, I’m off to >SXSW…and in the midst of the music and mayhem…I’ve been asked to check in and share some of my stories and photos from Austin . Of course, I’m more than happy to contribute to the BYT fabulousness! (I know that “fabulousness” isn’t really a word…but you know what I’m saying.) However, I digress…what I was saying is that I’ll be at >SXSW and it is seriously my favorite music event all year…I mean, come on people…4 full days of bands, beers and burritos…what could be better? I’m stoked.

For those of you that have XM Satellite Radio… XMU (my channel) will be recording acoustic sets from some amazing indie bands during this year’s >SXSW extravaganza…so, tune into XMU – Channel 43 on Friday and Saturday beginning at 9 am west / noon east each day to hear exclusive live music. Check out the list below of bands that will be visiting the XMU Acoustic Lounge…it’s a pretty sweet line up!

Limbeck Army Of Me , Loney, Dear Bon Savants The Apples In Stereo My Brightest Diamond Aqueduct Softlightes All Smiles (Jim Fairchild from Grandaddy) Great Northern Canada The Isles Lemurs Mando Diao Page France Chin Up Chin Up David Vandervelde Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin The Foundry Field Recordings Benjy Ferree Tobias Froberg The Changes Peachcake Walter Meego The Hourly Radio The Honorary Title Office Headlights +/- (Plus/Minus) Annuals Youth Group Alexi Murdoch Scissors For Lefty

Oh, yes…and if you don’t have XM Satellite Radio but you’d like to hear the live music from SXSW…visit http://xmro.xmradio.com for a free online trial.
Okay then…I guess that’s all for now…I’ll chat with you again soon.

xoxo…tobi (dean of music for XMU – Channel 43)