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Burning Man began in 1986 as a summer solstice bonfire ritual.  Today, it is known as a community based off of self-expression and art that is then brought to the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.  Part of this collective art movement is the C.O.R.E. aspect.  C.O.R.E. projects (The Circle of Regional Effigies) are created by Burning Man regional groups from around the world.  They are then placed in a ring around the base of the “burning man”

For the first time, DC will be one of the regions representing in the C.O.R.E projects of Burning Man.  The National Treasure C.O.R.E has decided to create a replica of the Washington Monument.  It will be built by DC artists who intend to cover the structure in colorful graffiti and at night, a series of LED’s will send trippy lights to surface around the BRC desert.  The coolest part?  During the day it will shoot BUBBLES and at night it will shoot FLAMES!  My inner pyromaniac/ child is going berserk just processing this sculpture!


So, what can we do to help build this beautiful sculpture?  DC National Treasure C.O.R.E. has an awesome kickstarter up featuring this video –

Ch-ch-check it out:

National Treasure CORE Burning Man Art Project Kickstarter from David Shawl on Vimeo.

All funds raised go towards their goal AND it’s tax deductible.  Make sure to stop by UHall on August 10th for All Good Funk Alliance.  Some of the proceeds go to help the National Treasure project

Let’s bring DC to Burning Man and show the pride we really take in our city to the most artful, experimental, self- expressional, temporary community in Black Rock City, NV.