Leica Store Opening
Rachel Eisley | May 8, 2012 | 1:00PM |

Last week, Leica opened their first retail store in North America, at 977 F street NW.  The store layout is beautiful and simple, and carries their full line of products.  The store also features an exhibition space, currently showing a series of black and white photographs by Peter Turnley, a renowned photojournalist boasting a 3 decade career covering major newsworthy events across the globe. Leica strives for a different type of retail experience – where photographers at all levels are welcome to stop by and the staff is knowledgeable and helpful across the board.  The opening event was posh and elegant, and even included swag bags at the end!  Store manager Eric Oberg immediately proved Leica’s excellent customer service after offering yours truly an opportunity to check out Leica’s medium format digital camera – at a cool $22k, I felt quite honored!  Oberg also mentioned that the store would be holding various lectures and workshops, so make sure to keep an eye out for future events!  www.leica-store-dc.com
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Thursday 12/29
Tom Rhodes @ DC Improv
D.C. is an international city, and Tom Rhodes is an international comedian. We get a lot of great stand-ups at the Improv, but so far he’s the only one who hosted a talk show in the Netherlands. Tom shares his travels both on stage and online, through his Tom Rhodes Radio podcast and his travel writing. He also makes regular appearances on other podcasts and Comedy Central. Close out 2016 with one of the most fascinating performers in our lineup.
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