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Leather Boyz is the second of four books street and documentary photographer Chris Suspect is set to publish in 2020; from puppy play to latex vacuum beds and everything in between, it offers a deep exploration of the gay BDSM scene in 51 striking black and white images.

Featuring material comprised over the course of six years (spanning from 2014-2020), the idea for the project was initially sparked in 2013 after a chance encounter; Suspect was out doing street photography in Washington, DC when he happened upon two men in leather chaps on their way to a nearby hotel gathering. Tagging along with his camera, Suspect notes that he “felt like a fish out of water”, suddenly immersed in a scene with which he was previously unfamiliar. He took just a few pictures before leaving, but mustered up the courage to submerge himself again a year later, accompanied by a friend who was more familiar with the culture. After more exposure he gained confidence, and after sharing his images with some of his subjects, he felt welcomed by the community. He has since pursued photographing this culture from the perspective of a documentarian, street photographer and portraitist.

The resulting book serves as a gorgeous anthropological study of this subculture’s people, codes, fashion and practices. The unique first edition features several gatefold spreads and a blue film dust jacket; subsequent editions will not include the blue film design. All books purchased online are hand-numbered and signed.

Presales are now open, and books will ship on or around June 15.

We invite you to take a sneak preview via the below photo essay compiled by Suspect:

Leather Boyz © Chris Suspect 2020-1 Balloon Play, Washington, DC 2017

Leather Boyz © Chris Suspect 2020-2, Woman with Clasped Hands, Washington, DC 2016

Leather Boyz © Chris Suspect 2020-3, Gimp with Cigarette, Washington, DC, 2018

Leather Boyz © Chris Suspect 2020-4, Two Couples Making Out, Washington, DC, 2019

Leather Boyz © Chris Suspect 2020-5, Man Being Whipped, Washington, DC, 2018

Leather Boyz © Chris Suspect 2020-6, Men in Bandanas, Washington, DC, 2016

Leather Boyz © Chris Suspect 2020-7, Man in Latex Vacuum Bed, Washington, DC, 2020

Leather Boyz © Chris Suspect 2020-8, Assorted Dildos for Sale, Washington, DC, 2017

Leather Boyz © Chris Suspect 2020-9, Puppy on Chain, Washington, DC, 2018

Leather Boyz © Chris Suspect 2020-10, Lobby at Hyatt Regency on Capital Hill, Washington, DC 2019


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