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I am a football fan. I’m from Chicago. I am a Chicago Bears fan. I own a Chicago Bears 1980s Starter Jacket. The original owner wrote ‘FRIDGE’ in the name patch. Because I’m a Chicago Bears fan I tend to have to leave my house to watch the game. I tend to have to leave my house to watch any game.

This is not a comprehensive list of every bar to watch the Super Bowl in D.C. There are more than 200 bars in and near D.C. to watch Peyton Manning appear in commercials for Papa Johns because he hates Obamacare (and why does it look like no one is feeding Joe Montana?). There are more than 200 bars in and near D.C. to watch Cam Newton do amazing athletic feats on the field but not have as many endorsements as Peyton Manning because it’s difficult for old, rich, white people to see themselves as anyone other than Peyton Manning. This is a list compiled by the one person in the BYT office that cares about all major American sports and does not consider himself a douchebag (sorry about writing in the third person).

The best place to watch sporting events is at home with people that don’t care that you’re watching sports. The worst place to watch sporting events is at a sports bar in a city that hates the team you’re rooting for. This list of places will hopefully make you feel comfortable rooting for either team or any commercial.

If you’re not interested in watching the game and still want to venture outside for cocktails, our Best Bars Without TV In DC will help. If you’re interested in playing a game rather than watching a game, consult our Bar Sports Guide. If you’re having a Super Bowl party, consult our Cheap Beer Taste Test.

Bar Pilar

  • 1833 14th St NW

I watched the end of a Chicago Bears game at Bar Pilar. It felt like watching a Chicago Bears game in an overseas bar. A handful of fans scattered throughout the bar were paying attention and the rest of the people were enjoying their drinks. If you’re not betting on the game and are part of a couple, this 14th Street bar will make you feel informed and comfortable.


Bedrock Billiards

  • 1841 Columbia Rd NW

I like Bedrock more than Atomic or Rocket or Buffalo because it’s slightly calmer than most billiards bars. It’s usually full of clumps of groups having conversations about work, not whatever game is on multiple televisions. And darts. I like that they have darts.

Black Whiskey

  • 1410 14th St NW

I went to Black Whiskey last weekend. The Pro Bowl was on. No one gives a shit about the Pro Bowl. But they do have free pool and whether or not you care if Peyton makes slightly more money or Cam makes slightly more money, you can play free pool! Also, it may be the best looking regular bar in D.C.



  • 1337 14th St NW

I watched the Slam Dunk Contest at ChurchKey. I did not go to ChurchKey, one of the best bars in the world, to watch the Slam Dunk Contest, but it was on so I stayed and watched and it was great. When you’re drinking great beers, whatever sports dudes are doing sports things tend to be better.


DC Reynolds

  • 3628 Georgia Ave NW

I really enjoyed watching Nationals games at this Petworth bar. If you’re a fan of the Looking Glass but their one television isn’t playing the baseball game of your choosing, you can’t do much better than DC Reynolds, especially if it’s happy hour.


  • 1940 9th St NW

If you get a seat at the bar, this may be a good place to watch the game. If you know one person that really wants to watch the game and you’re one of a large group that could care less, this may be a good place to ignore the game.

Ivy & Coney

  • 1537 7th St NW

This place specializes in Chicago Cubs and Detroit Tigers baseball so it’s one of my favorite bars. It may be a good place to watch the Super Bowl if you don’t really care but still want to watch the game with strangers. Also, $3 Old Style drafts.

I watched Game 7 of the Western Conference NHL finals on June 1, 2014 at this bar. The Hawks lost to the Kings in a heartbreaking overtime game. Even after this heartbreak, I had a good time at the bar. That’s high praise.


Jack Rose

  • 2007 18th St NW

The best room in Jack Rose does not have a TV. That’s in the basement. The top floor has the TVs. Watch the whatever game and then run to the basement. The basement will keep you safe from the Super Bowl.



Looking Glass Lounge

  • 3634 Georgia Ave NW

This would have been our pick for the best place to watch the game but a stupid fire has temporarily closed the LGL. Stupid fire.


Marx Cafe

  • 3203 Mt Pleasant St NW

It’s a soccer bar that I go to when I want to hear weird music (We Fought The Big One the first Friday of every month) and country music (Outlaws whenever that happens). I don’t think of it as a sports bar and that’s why it might be fun for the Super Bowl. If you’re stuck with people that don’t like brain trauma and commercialism, they can hang out in the area with tables and no views of the screens.


Meridian Pint

  • 3400 11th St NW

Large enough to comfortably enjoy the company you came with and large enough to hide from the company you came with. A fantastic beer selection and proximity to The Coupe makes it a relatively safe bet. I would not recommend this for any NHL game because they don’t have the NHL package and that’s bullshit.

Millie and Al’s

  • 2440 18th St NW

It’s not a douchebag bar. Really. Yes, it’s in the middle of Adams Morgan and yes, they serve Jell-O shots, but it’s not a douchebag bar. It’s a basic bar that reminds me of every old, suburban bar I’ve ever entered. They serve pitchers of Miller Lite and Bug Light (it’s more than OK to drink pitchers of Lite and Light beer when you’re watching football), decent to good bar pizza (they make it in house) and fantastic bartenders. Really. They’re delightful individuals that just want your team to win. Go while you can.


  • 900 U St NW

THE gay sports bar in DC. If you’ve been to this site, you know Nellie’s. If you’ve been to U St, you know Nellie’s. If you’re an expat and can only watch the Packers play the Browns (both sports teams) at one bar, you do it at Nellie’s. Nellie’s will be packed for the Super Bowl. It’s one of the few bars that I don’t mind watching games when it’s packed.


Penn Social

  • 801 E St NW

Similar to Meridian Pint, Penn Social is large enough to comfortably enjoy the company you came with and large enough to hide from the company you came with. The biggest difference it’s the arcade games and ping pong tables and cornhole and more things to take your attention away from the game. A big pro for some, a big con for others.


The Pug

  • 1234 H St NE

My friend and I once tweeted RIP about a former Chicago Blackhawks goalie who did not RIP. We were watching a Blackhawks game at The Pug. It was funny and cruel and the bartender chuckled so it was worth it. Watch sports in an H Street bar. After your sports is over, no one else on H St will care and that’s great for both a loss and a win.

Queen Vic

  • 1206 H St NE

Why not watch the biggest American football game of the year in a bar that plays not American football?

Satellite Room

  • 2047 9th St NW

In 2013 the Chicago Bears had a Thursday night game on the opening night of Bentzen Ball. I was lucky enough to host the opening night of Bentzen Ball at the 9:30 Club. The first thing I did after exiting the 9:30 Club was head next door to the Satellite Room to watch the end of the Bears game. The bar was packed, the bar is always packed after sold-out 9:30 Club shows, yet I was able to comfortably watch the end of the game. How? The TVs are placed high enough that everyone that wants to watch can watch and everyone else can ignore the sports.


Smoke and Barrel

  • 2471 18th St NW

The former Asylum (yes, it’s been years since it was a vegan punk bar but never forget) caters to the football crowd. They have a very good beer special and wing special and if you’re there early enough the staff will put your teams game on a television (if available). Since there are no other NFL games during the Super Bowl (there’s a fun fact for all you non-sports fans!), the bar will have all TVs set to the game. Hopefully the one TV that’s connected to an original NES will not be connected to the Super Bowl. Another bonus, the NBA Jam/NFL Blitz arcade game.


  • 1420 Pennsylvania Ave SE

No one goes to Trusty’s to impress. Go to Trusty’s to drink beer, eat delicious food that’s bad for you and watch and/or play games. No frills in the best way.