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Welcome to Leakage, a BYT column dedicated to listening to your favorite band’s releases weeks before the street date. Every week I’ll be giving you brief reviews of said leaks with an MP3 to sample. If you want us to take down your song, holla back ([email protected]).

(Sorry guys, I’m not posting the album in it’s entirety or giving you something other than the single. Plus if you don’t know how to use Google by now, you’re shit out of luck anyway.)

Some parting words: if you like the band, buy the record. You don’t want to be that guy.

Frightened Rabbit, The Winter of Mixed Drinks (Release date: March 2, 2010): If Sing The Greys was the relationship and The Midnight Organ Fight was the breakup then The Winter of Mixed Drinks is the rebound. Sort of. On this Glasgow group’s third LP, there’s still plenty of self-deprecation and regret to go around, but there’s also hope that the worst is over. This very anticipated release will please followers of the band and likely bring in a few more.

Listen: Frightened Rabbit — “Nothing Like You” | Like it?: Pre-order The Winter of Mixed Drinks

White Hinterland, Kairos (Release date: March 9, 2010): Casey Daniel writes and records as White Hinterland. This Massachusetts native made her debut in 2006 with Wind-Up Canary, but on Kairos Daniel puts together a very delicate record combining minimal pop with intimate songs.

Listen: White Hinterland — “Icarus” | Like it?: Pre-order Kairos

Joanna Newsom, Have One On Me (Release date: February 23, 2010): Oh, so close! This record leaked Friday, but you can pick up the physical copy tomorrow. Like her past records, this one is as exhaustive as the last. It’s three LPs and runs around 2 hours. I’ve never been a fan of Joanna Newsom, but I will say that this record is warming up to me very fast.  I wonder how many of these songs were inspired by Andy Samberg.

Listen: Joanna Newsom — “Good Intentions Paving Company” | Like it?: Buy Have One On Me tomorrow.