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all words: Andy Hess

Welcome to Leakage, a BYT column dedicated to listening to your favorite band’s releases weeks before the street date. Every week I’ll be giving you brief reviews of said leaks with an MP3 to sample. If you want us to take down your song, holla back.

I’m back at it after a few weeks of nothing noteworthy leaking.

Dr. Dog, Shame, Shame (Release date: April 6, 2010): After seeing Philadelphia’s Dr. Dog twice and listening to their records more than a few times, I still don’t consider myself a fan of the band. But a lot of people do so you might be interested in listening to Shame, Shame. Like the rest of their discography, Dr. Dog sprinkle their sound with Beach Boys, Nuggets, The Beatles and The Band. You can hear the entire album at NPR until it’s release date.

Mi Ami, Steal Your Face (Release date: April 6, 2010): With 2010 being the year of bedroom dub records and high quality releases of afrobeat compilations, Mi Ami went from friends playing together to friends playing together to make legitimately good music. Steal Your Face, Mi Ami’s first full length on Thrill Jockey combines the ethnocentric ideas of “world music” and throws a punk spin on top of them. It’s interesting stuff. And you can catch them live next month when they play at Velvet Lounge.

Listen: Mi Ami — Latin Lover

Flying Lotus, Cosmogramma (Release date: May 4, 2010): The leaked version of this record may or may not be a fake. I’m still not sure as reports are conflicting. Though Flying Lotus acknowledged the leak last week so it might be legit. Regardless, it took me a while, but I fell head over heels for Los Angeles. My advice would be to actually wait closer to the release date because the stuff that’s on the net is either a terrible version of it or the meta data in the files is screwed up to the point where you really don’t know what tracks you are actually listening to.  Plus if you pre-order the album it might come with rolling papers.

Listen: Flying Lotus — …And the World Laughs with You (feat. Thom Yorke)

Roky Erickson with Okkervil River, True Love Cast Out All Evil (Release date: April 20, 2010): Psych rock pioneer and founding member of legendary 13th Floor Elevators has made a triumphant return with this great collaborative record.  True Love Cast Out All Evil is his first album in 14 years and I highly suggest you hear it. Man, it’s good.

Listen: Roky Erickson with Okkervil River — Goodbye Sweet Dreams