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November 3rd

Sara Benincasa & Dave Zirin Throw a Bigass Book Party! @ Busboys & Poets (14th St.)

I fell in love with Sara Benincasa after reading her hilariousad (not a real word, obviously) book Agorafabulous: Dispatches From my Bedroom. She never disappoints on all forms of Social Media. Her writing/comedy is witty, biting, acerbic and other literary review style words that just mean amazing. D.C. Trip, her latest book, is a young adult fiction novel that is far more “adult” than “young.” Looking forward to devouring it and  I can’t wait to see her IRL instead of URL. (Jenn Tisdale – BYT)


Everything is Terrible! Legends with Wham City @ Metro Gallery (Baltimore)

Once a millennium, something emerges from the darkest corner of the universe and enlightens us to the true meaning of being. Something so mystickal, so magickal, and so mind-splitting that all concepts before its existence sounds stupid and boring. Of course, we are talking about Everything Is Terrible! The Legends show is a culmination of the first seven (of 777) years of work from the video alchemists at EIT! These mindfreaks have taken thousands of forgotten VHS tapes, chewed them up, and spit them back to their young via daily website postings, six movies, and world tours. In that time, they’ve exposed us to wonders such as massaging cat ladies, apocalyptic facial exercises, pizzas parties in hell, and our immortal party-god, Duane. Nobody could have predicted the cultural, psychological, and illuminating impact EIT! would have on our consciousness, but seeing all their greatest works chronicled in one place reminds us that in the right hands, garbage can be turned into gold! It is time pack up your copies of Jerry Maguire and accept the fact that your life up until this moment has been pointless. (FB)

Judah Friedlander Book Tour @ DC Improv

The World Champ is back! This time it’s part of his (comic) book tour. Read our interview with him here. (BYT)

Ticket price includes a copy of Judah’s new book, “If the Raindrops United.” You’ve experienced a lot of Tuesdays in your life, but this will be your first championship-caliber Tuesday. Judah is back in town to promote his new book of drawings and cartoons, and while he’s here he will grace our stage with another of the finest stand-up performances in human history. You’ve seen Judah on “30 Rock,” in “Wet Hot American Summer,” and doing all kinds of videos for Major League Soccer. But as with all champions, it’s best to see him live whenever you can. (DC Improv)

Make Up Party @ DC Improv Lounge

Think you’re funny? Think you’re quick? Prove it! Bring your team (one to five people) to the Make Up Party, the Improv’s new game night. The doors open at 6:30, and we reveal the secret theme at 7. Then you have an hour to write, practice and polish up to five minutes of comedy that features the theme. You can do stand-up, sketches, improv scenes or a humorous reading. At 8, we start bringing you on stage to see what you came up with. And at the end of the night, the team that did the best WINS VIP PASSES TO THE IMPROV! (DC Improv)

November 4th

Iliza Shlesinger @ Baltimore Comedy Factory (Nov. 4 & 5)

We heard she brings her dog on tour which is charming. (BYT)

And don’t forget the Baltimore Comedy Factory’s NOT AT ALL RACIST dress code:

  • Profanity on clothing
  • Sleeveless clothing on men
  • Excessively torn clothing
  • Excessively baggy or sagging clothes
  • Full sweatsuits and sweatpants
  • Excessively long clothing (when standing, sleeve can not extend past fingers)
  • Jersey’s (sleeved jerseys are permitted in conjunction with sporting events)
  • Gym shorts

Fun Fun at 121: A Variety Open Mic @ Acre 121

Fun Fun at 121 will feature some of the DMV’s finest comedians, musicians, and performing artists. And the best part is, the show is FREE! And not only that, there is Happy Hour specials ALL NIGHT, from open to close, which include $5 draft beers, rail drinks, and house wines. Artists can sign up in advance by emailing [email protected] There will also be a limited amount of sign-ups on the night of each performance.

The Ol’ Switcharoo! #4 @ Handsome Cock

Welcome to the Ol’ Switcharaoo! Watch six DC comedians do their own sets, and then tell the jokes of a well-known, famous comedian in the original comedian’s style. Plus, the famous comedians were assigned without any of the local’s input. It’s like watching a band play covers, except a lot better. Come get weird at this fun, experimental comedy show.

Eddie Morrison as himself/Patton Oswalt
Jess Feeney as herself/Maria Bamford
Ben Daniels as himself/Roseanne Barr
Nicole Walkow as herself/Dane Cook
Matt Begué as himself/Bruce Bruce
Romane Walters as himself/Jeff Foxworthy

7:30 DOORS 8:00 SHOW

November 5th

Mondo Baltimore – Yeti: Giant of the 20th Century @ The Windup Space

FREE w/karaoke afterwards

7PM – When Sasquatch Attacks!
An abominable collection of Bigfoot clips as well as a savage primate or two. There will most likely be a clip from Harry and the Hendersons in here as well.

8PM – Yeti: Giant of the 20th Century
1977, Gianfranco Parolini
This Italian King Kong remake gets EVERYTHING right… including the jock strap used to cover his giant junk. Easily one of the more bizarro flicks we’ve shown at Mondo!

November 6th

Dave Attell @ DC Improv (Nov. 6 – 8)

Dave built his following the old fashioned way: He earned it. Starting in New York, he eventually took to the road, sharing his ”very adult” comedy with audiences across the country. By the time Comedy Central signed him to do “Insomniac,” he was already one of the most popular touring stand-ups. Dave is still a presence on TV, with “Dave’s Old Porn,” “Comedy Underground” and appearances on the late night talk shows. And he continues to cement his status as one of the all-time great club comics. (DC Improv)

You, Me, Them, Everybody Live! @ The Wonderland Ballroom

Hosted by Brandon Wetherbee
Co-host Allison Lane
House band Baby Bry Bry

Guests include Dee Ahmed and Qualms

Warm up from Norm Quarrinton and Virginia Warwick

21+, $5 suggested donation, bring cash for t-shirts, buttons are free so you’ll go home with at least one piece of merch! (FB)

DC Podfest @ The Wonderbread Factory (Nov. 6 – 8)

Start Recording: We have partnered with one of the coolest event spaces in DC, The Wonderbread Factory, to bring you the first annual, DC PodFest. You can call it a conference if you want to! We think of it as a weekend podcast intensive for podcasters and podcast fanatics. We will focus on the business, creativity, and diversity in podcasting in various ways throughout the weekend. Prepare to be engaged, entertained, and productive. We like to think of it as a family reunion with the family you haven’t met yet. Oh, and everyone in this particular family, has a microphone!

You can feel good about coming to DC PodFest too! Fifty percent of our ticket sales benefit Youth For Understanding’s Intercultural Exchange Programs! (www.dcpodfest.com)

Dustin “Screech” Diamond @ Baltimore Comedy Factory (Nov. 6 & 7)

Feel like getting saved…BY THE BELL? (BYT)


Nore Davis @ The Big Hunt (Nov. 6 & 7)

Fresh off his performance in the 2014 New Faces Of Comedy Showcase at the prestigious Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal and the 2015 Bentzen Ball, Nore Davis has cemented himself as a rising star in the world of comedy. Nore, known for his energetic performances and magnetic stage presence, has appeared on Comedy Central, MTV, and Gotham Comedy Live on AXS TV. His talents have also earned him television-acting roles on shows that include, Inside Amy Schumer, Last Week Tonight and the Emmy award winning HBO series Boardwalk Empire. 

Comedy School Showcase @ DC Improv Lounge

The DC Improv believes in continuing education, so here’s a showcase featuring past graduates of our stand-up comedy class. This show is in our Comedy Lounge, a 60-seat showroom that gets you up close with the performers. Tickets are just $10, and the Improv’s full menu is available. Graduates of our stand-up comedy class return to the Improv for a night of laughs. Hosted by Tim Miller, and featuring Dave Moktoi, Adaylah Banks, Ahmed Vallejos, Ronald Harris, Giovanni Diviacchi, Maria Lujan and Estee Levine. (DC Improv)

$5 Local Showcase @ The Town Tavern

Support local comedy, DC baby. (BYT)

November 7th

Wanda Sykes @ The Warner Theatre (Nov. 7 & 8)

Did you know that Wanda is from Maryland? If her amazing comedy can’t convince you to go (what’s wrong with you) then supporting a local comic-turned SUPERSTAR should do the trick.

DC Comedy Showcase @ DC Improv Lounge

Great local comics in their 60-seat showroom. Hosted by Sean Gabbert, featuring Natalie McGill, Stavros Halkias, Nik Oldershaw and Tim Miller.

November 10th

Hadiya Robinson @ Bier Baron Tavern

We’re very excited about this show. You’ve seen her on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, Centric’s According to Him and Her, Gotham City Live and so much more. Now you can see her in DC! (BYT)

Songbyrd Comedy – FREE COMEDY KICKOFF! @ Songbyrd Music House & Record Cafe

A twice monthly comedy night hosted by Andrew Bucket: [email protected]

10 spots available for pre sign up, and 5 spots on sight. 8:00pm sign up, 8:30 start time.

Featured comics: Franqi French, Josh Kuderna, Brandon Fisher, Katherine Jessup, Jessy Morner-Ritt, Wendy Wroblewski, Alli Hanley and Dee Ahmed. (FB)

November 11th

Hypnotist Flip Orley (Nov. 11 & 12)

No two Flip Orley shows are the same, which is why he’s been a DC Improv favorite since the 1990s. Flip uses hypnosis to turn audience members into the stars of the show. He leads volunteers through twisted scenarios, getting reactions that are almost beyond belief – and he does it all without humiliating anyone. Whether you’re on stage or watching from the audience, Flip’s show is unforgettable. And no, we weren’t hypnotized into writing this. (DC Improv)

PRANK. CALLS. LIVE. @ Handsome Cock

Remember The Jerky Boys? Like that, but live! (BYT)

November 13th

Marlon Wayans @ DC Improv (Nov. 13 – 15)

Scary Movie! (BYT)

Church Night @ Black Cat Backstage

Fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Bentzen Ball and YOUR HEARTS.  Never miss their show. (BYT)

Jono Zalay @ The Big Hunt (Nov. 13 & 14)

A comic with a PhD in Neuroscience means he can pinpoint the part in the comedy brain where everything went horribly wrong. (BYT)

An Evening of Humorous Readings @ DC9

It’s time for another Evening of Humorous Readings! DC’s most humorous and most reading-centric night!

Hosted By:
Brian Agler (The New Yorker, McSweeney’s, Splitsider)
Elijah Sloan (Washington Repost, Washington Improv Theater)
Clare Doody (Washington Post)
Megan Downey (Washington Post, Higgs Weldon) (FB)

November 14th

You, Me, Them, Everybody Presents: 8×8 @ Black Cat Backtage

ALWAYS  a solid show. Go.

Featuring: Alyssa Cowan, Jamel Johnson, Christine Ferrera, Jessy Morner-Ritt & Motherknuckle (comics) and Jack on Fire (music). (BYT)


November 17th

Church Night TV World Premier @ Songbyrd Music House & Record Cafe

After nearly two years, the Church Night web series is complete! Before we put this on the YouTubes, we would like to share all 5 episodes with our flock. Please join us in celebrating at DC’s newest and coolest venue, Songbyrd!

On-screen performances from:
Landon William Letzkus, Jeremy Frank, Linsay Deming, Chris Milner, Susannah Wells, Jamel Johnson, Lyndsay Webb, Andrew Grossman, Leah Gage, Johnny Fantastic, Leila Hernandez, Andrew Bucket

Appearances from:
Jheisson Nunez, Theodore Lee Jones, Freddie Pagani, JA Prim, Elizabeth Sell, Valerie Paschall, Andrew Cook, Mary Champeny, Michael Buttaro, Kendall Sterling, Aaron Hoffman, Susan Kay Deming, Michael Deming, Darin Heinmer, Andy Fox. (FB)

November 18th

Medium Cindy Kaza @ DC Improv

We love Cindy. She’s the best. You can read our interview with her here in which we cried. (BYT)

Lousy Humans Presents: Hot Freaks @ Denizens Brewing Company

Enjoy Lousy Humans‘ monthly night of free local comedy (and not at all free but very awesome beer) at Denizens Brewing Co in Silver Spring. This month’s lineup includes:

Isaac Hirsch (Boston Comedy Festival)
Michele Sometimes-Gray (Sometimes Pop-Up Comedy)
Nik Oldershaw (As seen at the DC Improv)
Leon Scott (Power of Positive Drinking)
Valerie Paschall (Lousy Humans)
Brittany Carney (As seen at Church Night)
Alli Hanley (Successfully got comics to wake up on Saturday mornings before 1pm for her shows)
Alex Espinoza (Snubbed From SnubFest? WTF?)

Do You Need a Hug? @ Handsome Cock

Hey man,

I know times can be tough sometimes. You write those sad jokes, and you just gotta let them out. We’re not judging, but we’re asking…Do you need a hug?

Comics are encouraged to do their sad sack bummertown cry on a bus material. After every set the audience will determine if the comic needs a hug, and then we’ll send someone over to give them a squeeze-aroo!

Alyssa Cowan will be hosting for reals this time.

Super duper Free!
Let’s drink beers, and buck each other up, campers!
Doors/Sign Up at 7:30pm (FB)

November 19th

Bob Marley @ DC Improv (Nov. 19 – 22)

In his home state of Maine, Bob could probably shoot a man in broad daylight and get off scot free. He’s that damn popular. He’s got an endless supply of stories about his family, his childhood and New England living (he has the record for the world’s longest stand-up show). And it’s all served up with good-natured, blue-collar attitude. He’s one of the most likable comics we know, which is why we look forward to a visit from Bob every year. (DC Improv)


Betches of Comedy @ Bier Baron Tavern

It’s like bitches but betches. Get it? (BYT)

The compassionate authoritarians behind the snark-filled Betches Love This blog and the New York Times bestselling humor book, Nice Is Just a Place In France: How To Win At Basically Everything, present a stand-up showcase featuring comics who embody the essence of Betch culture.

Liza Treyger (Comedy Central’s The Half Hour)
Sara Armour (New York Comedy Festival)
Jared Freid (Total Frat Move)

Doors: 7:00
Show: 8:00
***10:00 show added*** (Underground Comedy)

November 20th

Doug Smith @ The Big Hunt (Nov. 20 & 21)

Finally, a chance to tell my favorite joke from Mary Poppins:

I know a man with a wooden leg named Smith.

What’s the name of his other leg? (BYT)

November 21st

Jordan Carlos @ Bier Baron Tavern

It’s Colbert’s “black friend Alan!”

Also Jordan is hilarious and can be seen regularly on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.

ComedySportz Improv @ DC Improv Lounge

PLEASE NOTE: Showtime is 7:30. Doors open at 6:30 and a full dinner menu is available. ComedySportzDC offers clean improv comedy. Two teams battle for laughs and points as they make up scenes and songs on the spot. The audience shouts out all the suggestions and votes for the winners, while the referee calls the fouls. It’s not a comedy show ABOUT sports, it’s the comedy show that IS a sport – similar to what you’ve seen on “Whose Line.” (DC Improv)

Late-Night Improv @ DC Improv Lounge

Our Late-Night Improv slot features “The Blue Show,” the cast from the early ComedySportz show making up comedy on the spot for your amusement. It’s the late show, so no kids at this show. We never know how “blue” this Late Night Improv show will be. It all depends on how dysFUNctional the crowd is. Ages 18 and up welcome. (DC Improv)

November 23rd

Addams Family Matters @ The Windup Space (Baltimore)

BJ Productions, along with Thunder Grunt Podcast Network present ADDAMS FAMILY MATTERS!

Join Instant Screaming’s troublemaker Justin Getka and BONUS DISC’s local celebrity Bob Rose for another night at the windup space that you didn’t know you wanted. YOU MIGHT COME.

What’s at this night:
– Holiday themed episodes of FAMILY MATTERS
– Both ADDAMS FAMILY movies
– Beer Pong
– potatoe salad
– Thanksgiving smells
– Men
– A contest
– Thundergrunt Podcast Merch
– people constantly asking if they did that
– You

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.26.33 AM

November 27th

Donnell Rawlings @ DC Improv (Nov. 27 – 29)

Thanksgiving is a great time to see your family. And after dealing with those people for a few days, you’re gonna need a laugh. Donnell will be there to help. He started out by heckling performers at DC comedy clubs, then took the stage himself. His success as a stand-up landed him a spot on “Chappelle’s Show,” securing him a spot in pop culture history, and he became a favorite on some huge East Coast radio shows (including the WPGC morning show). Skip the Black Friday sales – the only thing you need to buy are tickets to these shows. (DC Improv)