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July 1st

Sometimes Pop Up Comedy Show: God Hates Flags @ Wonderland Ballroom

We’re back at it again. July’s Sometimes Pop-Up Comedy Show brings back some of our faves as we celebrate the cognitive dissonance that is the love of our country.

U.S. A: alot like a kid that never quite lives up to his potential. *shrugs* GO AMERICA! Let’s shoot for at least a 2.0 so we can stay on the swim team, kay? kay.

This month’s line-up incudes:

Mike Brown
Jenn Tisdale
Chelsea Shorte
Eddie Morrison
Wendy Wroblewski
Marcus Brown (FB)

Chucklestorm: The Five Year Anniversary and Dan’s Last Show @ Ottobar (Bmore)

well, it finally happened. we’re finally five years old.
this is also dan’s last show. come have a good time.

and more

8pm // $5 // 18+ // ottobar (FB)

July 2nd

Best of DC at the DC Improv (July 2nd & 3rd)

We’ll leave the July 4 fireworks to the professional pyromaniacs, but all the indoor fireworks will be at the DC Improv July 2-3. We’ve got a “Best of DC” show that features some of the finest stand-ups from the region — Jason Weems, Rob Maher, Rahmein Mostafavi, Kasaun Wilson and host Dana Fleitman. When the Founding Fathers threw off the yoke of British oppression, they had a clear future in mind: A nation of people who were free to sit in an air-conditioned basement and laugh their asses off. Honor their vision! (DC Improv)

 Mondo Baltimore Presents: Turkish Rambo @ The Windup Space (Bmore)

We’re back to our regular “first Thursdays” – as always it’s FREE, with karaoke after the flicks!

7PM – The Amazing Miracle Workshop
A children’s self defense video like no other!

8PM – Turkish Rambo (aka Rampage)
A Turkish commando must infiltrate and capture a group of terrorists living in the mountains. Just like Rambo – only better! (FB)

Lou Room Live @ Zissimos Bar (Bmore)

Comics: Brent Adams, Nicki Fuchs, Ben Green, R.J. Jackson, Chris Krueger, Chris Lawrence, Mark Miller, Peter Muth
Host: Jimmy Blair

Welcome to Lou Room Live! This spectacular standup showcase lands in the Lou Room every Thursday at 8 PM, and features some of the best comics in the area. Join us for a relaxing night of laughs and libations…and get started on your weekend!

Tickets: FREE
Parking: On the street.
This show is presented by Charm City Comedy Project upstairs at Zissimos Bar. (FB)

July 3rd

You, Me, Them, Everybody Live @ The Wonderland Ballroom

Hosted by Brandon Wetherbee

Guests include
Norm Quarrinton
Kevin Seefried
Haywood Turnipseed Jr (FB)

Jono Zalay @ The Big Hunt

Dear God he has a PhD in Neuroscience. Well this will be REALLY interesting. Seriously. (BYT)

‘MURRICA: Part Theme Party, Part Comedy Show, All American @ The Bier Baron Tavern

Friends, patriots, countrymen —

‘MURRICA: Part Theme Party, Party Comedy Show, All American is back after a sold-out show last year. Kick off your Fourth of July weekend right at this heroic happy hour hootenanny!

‘MURRICA is an interactive star spangled shindig full of laughs, liberty and patriotic merriment! Wear your red, white and blue and come ready for a great time — that’s just Common Sense (by Thomas Paine). Where else will you reenact the Boston Tea Party via cornhole, publicly shame Benedict Arnold AND hear some of the District’s finest stand up comedy? Only in ‘MURRICA.

Comics/American Dream Team include:

Dana Fleitman (host)
Hillary Joyce
Chris Milner
Chelsea Shorte
Si Mone (www.leftistpanda.com)
David Tveite


$3 Local Showcase @ The Town Tavern

FANTASTIC local talent all for the irrationally low price of 3 bucks. Lineup TBA.

July 5th

Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company @ Sixth and I Street Synagogue

The Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company brings the very best of its New York City and Los Angeles theatres to our stage. See the comedic stars of today and tomorrow from the theatre that brought you comedy greats Horatio Sanz, Amy Poehler, Rob Corddry, Ed Helms, MTV’s Human Giant, The Daily Show’s Rob Riggle, and more.

Jackie Jennings
Abra Tabak
Josh Sharp
James III (Sixth and I)

July 8th

The Summer Camp Show @ The Wonderland Ballroom

No way better to celebrate summer then going to camp! This month’s show is going to be huge! The Summer Camp Show is a performance art comedy show themed around summer camp. One part summer camp nostalgia, one part satirical takedown of childhood tropes, a million parts hilarious.

Camp Coordinator – Nate Johnson
Music Director – Michael Sullivan
Spirituality Coordinator – Natalie McGill (Guided Meditation)
Counselor – Alyssa Cowan (Letters from Camp)
Counselor – Glen Hawkins (Camp Songs)
Counselor – Brianna Lux (Camp Songs)
Counselor – Matty Litwack (Science Lesson)
Counselor – Romane Walters (Music Lesson)
Stand Up Comedian – Ahmed Vallejos

July 9th

John Witherspoon @ The DC Improv (July 9th – 12th)

John Witherspoon is a comedy institution. Most people know him from TV and movies — he’s the crazy father figure from “Friday,” “The Wayans Brothers” and “The Boondocks.” He’ll do anything to entertain his fans – he once cut a rap album, and he had his own internet cooking show. The guy could live off catchphrases alone, if he wanted. But he’s also a great stand-up comedian who’s endearing, honest and knows how to send a crowd home happy. One of our favorites! (DC Improv)

July 10th

Janeane Garofalo @ The Black Cat

In addition to acting in film and television, Janeane is an outspoken activist, spoken word performer and stand-up comedy entertainer known and respected around the country, and the world. As well, she was instrumental in the successful launching of the first liberal radio network, Air America Radio, where she hosted her own talk show, The Majority Report. A lightning rod for controversy, Janeane’s well informed opinions and unflinching honesty have inspired laughs, as well as striking a chord with the left, right and everyone in between. She is a noted peace activist. (Black Cat)

Ahem, Reality Bites. (BYT)

Tim Dillon @ The Big Hunt

Tim Dillon is a gay conservative with an amazing cat. Please go see him. (BYT)

Church Night @ The Black Cat Backstage

featuring comedy from Paris Sashay, burlesque from Dainty Dandridge and music from Stronger Sex.

Costaki Economopoulos (July 10th & 11th)

Costaki is an accomplished stand-up and joke-writer whose talents have taken him all around the country for the last two decades. Fans of the nationally syndicated “Bob and Tom” morning radio show know his “Economonologues,” and lately he’s been producing “Quick Snaps,” a radio segment that sprang out of Costaki’s love of football. We’ve had Costaki on our stage lots of times over the years. Now you can get up-close and personal as he headlines our lounge. (DC Improv)

July 11th

Bill Maher @ The Lyric (Bmore)

For real? Time. (BYT)

July 13th

1st and Only Annual You Can Hang Comedy Night @ Single Carrot Theatre (Bmore)

I wanted an opportunity to showcase a sampling of my personal favorite comedians and my personal favorite place and it’s actually happening! Come join me for some comedy and some friends and some hugs and lots of beer.

This will be fun!
Bring your friends!
I will become emotional, which may make you feel awkward!
I will hug you even if we don’t know each other well enough for that to be totally appropriate!
You can tell me not to and I will respect that because I recognize you a human being and not a prop for my own enjoyment!

Best friends.

Starring the lovely and amazing
Collin Baker
Kiragu Beauttah
Kathy Carson
Abby Fanara
Eric Glaeser
Katherine Jessup
Mark Joyner
Michael Moran
Ryan Neser

And Jessica Murphy Garrett if she can get her shit together. (FB)

July 15th

Open Mic Night @ The DC Improv

The Improv is proud to host an open mic night featuring local comics in our main showroom. Admission is free, but you can guarantee yourself a seat if you RSVP. Walk-ups are also welcome on the day of the show if seating is available. (DC Improv)

July 16th

Seaton Smith Album Taping @ The DC Improv

Seaton Smith started his comedy career right here in Washington. Now he’s coming back to town to record his first comedy album. You saw Seaton as “Motif” on the FOX sitcom “Mulaney,” and he’s also been making the rounds on late night TV. Vulture named him one of “The 50 Comedians You Should Know in 2015.” We’re way ahead of you, Vulture. (DC Improv)


Mondo Underground: MILFS vs. Zombies @ The Windup Space (Bmore)

We’ve brought you a few new flicks in the past, and now we’re determined to bring you more! We’re proud to launch our new spin-off series, “MONDO UNDERGROUND” which will showcase new features and shorts from filmmakers on the “bleeding” edge of micro-cinema!

$5 Cover
7PM – Shorts Block
More TBA

8PM – MILFS vs Zombies
(2015, Brad Twigg)
Four mothers are forced to fight for their lives when their quiet town is overrun by a ravenous horde of flesh eating corpses. Featuring Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic Avenger), Shawn C. Phillips (Ghost Shark), George Stover (Night Beast) and Jeremy Amber (The Walking Dead), and of course, buckets of gore, sexual depravity and dwarves wielding battle-axes.

Director & Some Cast will be in attendance for Q&A! (FB)


July 17th

Tyler Richardson @ The Big Hunt

Tyler Richardson began performing in the Washington D.C. area, and has been rapidly gaining a buzz in New York City since he moved. He quickly began performing in New York’s hottest clubs The Stand, Stand Up NY, Caroline’s, Gotham and more. Aside from being incredibly likable onstage, audiences connect with his ability to tell a story and keep you captivated from start to hilarious finish. Working with national headliners such as Jay Pharoah, Pete Davidson, Jermaine Fowler and Judah Friedlander has given Tyler experience that has landed him in several big festivals over the years. Don’t be afraid to ask for a picture after the show, he’s not afraid to smile. (Rooftop Comedy)

July 18th

DC Benny @ The Black Cat

DC native! Current NY resident. He’s been everywhere on all the things and now he’s back for an amazing hometown show. (BYT)

ComedySportz Improv @ The DC Improv (8pm show)

ComedySportzDC offers clean improv comedy. Two teams battle for laughs and points as they make up scenes and songs on the spot. The audience shouts out all the suggestions and votes for the winners, while the referee calls the fouls. It’s not a comedy show ABOUT sports, it’s the comedy show that IS a sport – similar to what you’ve seen on “Whose Line.” (DC Improv)

The Blue Show @ The DC Improv (10:30pm show)

The famous Blue Show features the “best of the best” performers from the ComedySportz improv troupe, making up comedy on the spot for your amusement. This isn’t under the official CSz banner, so all restrictions are off — things might get a little frisky. (DC Improv)

Freaky Friday @ Zissimos (Bmore)

Watch four stand up comics be forced to perform each other’s sets!

Featuring: Isaac Hirsch, Brendan Krick, Umar Khan and Josh Kuderna

Hosted by: Nik Oldershaw and Eric Glaeser

July 23rd

Hypnotist Flip Orley @ The DC Improv (July 23rd – 26th)

No two Flip Orley shows are the same, which is why he’s been a DC Improv favorite since the 1990s. Flip uses hypnosis to turn audience members into the stars of the show. He leads volunteers through twisted scenarios, getting reactions that are almost beyond belief – and he does it all without humiliating anyone. Whether you’re on stage or watching from the audience, Flip’s show is unforgettable. And no, we weren’t hypnotized into writing this. (DC Improv)

July 24th

Sinbad @ The Baltimore Comedy Factory (July 24th – 26th)

Seriously, it’s Sinbad. Go.

Danny Palumbo @ The Big Hunt & The Bier Baron Tavern (July 24th & 25th)

Danny Palumbo lives in Austin, Texas. A transplant from Pittsburgh, he’s performed at the Moontower Comedy Festival and can be seen regularly at Cap City Comedy Club. (Rooftop Comedy)

Bonus: He is Austin’s Funniest Person, 2015. (BYT)

July 24th @ The Big Hunt. July 25th @ The Bier Baron Tavern.

Dave Siegel @ The DC Improv Lounge (July 24th & 25th)

The Improv has known Dave for years – when he was a college student at American, he worked there as a door guy. Apparently being the door guy at the DC Improv is a great career choice, because Dave (along with fellow door guy Mike Birbiglia) has gone on to comedy stardom. Now making his home in New York, he keeps popping up as a panelist on different news shows while also working clubs around the country. He was there with Judah Friedlander in April 2015, and now he’s back to headline their lounge. He’ll be joined by feature act Rahmein Mostafavi and emcee Max Rosenblum. (DC Improv)

July 30th

DeRay Davis @ The DC Improv (July 30th – August 2nd)

From the South Side of Chicago, DeRay Davis has made himself into a comedic force. After winning Comedy Central’s Laugh Riots competition, DeRay started dominating clubs all across the country. He’s also a presence in Hollywood, with roles in “21 Jump Street,” “Jumping the Broom” and the “Barbershop” movies, to name a few. And don’t forget MTV2 — he was a star on “Wild N Out,” and he’s the host of the new “Joking Off.” This summer, he makes his DC Improv debut! VIP TICKETS: Anyone purchasing a “VIP” ticket for DeRay Davis shows is guaranteed a seat in the first two rows of tables, center stage. (Unless you have exactly four people in your group, you might share a table with other patrons.) (DC Improv)

July 31st

Sasheer Zamata @ The Black Cat

Sasheer Zamata can currently be seen as a featured player on SNL. She has also created the critically acclaimed web series Pursuit of Sexiness. After graduating from the University of Virginia with a degree in Drama, she moved to New York and began performing improv and sketch at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. She performs stand-up at colleges and festivals across the country. (Black Cat)

Paul Hooper @ The Big Hunt & The Bier Baron Tavern (July 31st & August 1st)

An only child with OCD, Paul Hooper channels his dysfunction into a cathartic harangue. He has an undeniable likability that he plays to the hilt through his bullet proof rants. This native of Charlotte, North Carolina, now residing in New York City, has been featured at the HBO Comedy Festival in Vegas, the Boston Comedy Festival, Michael Moore and Jeff Garlin’s Traverse City Comedy Arts Festival, the Vancouver Comedy Fest and was a finalist in the 30th Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition. A seasoned headliner, Paul has performed in forty two states and ten countries, including two armed forces tours.  His debut solo album, “Tense and Uncomfortable” was released in October of 2013 with Stand Up! Records, and is available on i-Tunes. (www.paulhoopercomedy.com)

July 31st @ The Big Hunt. August 1st @ The Bier Baron Tavern.