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August 1: Eddie Bryant @ The Baltimore Comedy Factory, $18

Bryant has a gift in taking the small, boring things in life and making them hilarious. He has performed tons of festivals, TV specials, and comedy competitions. Bryant is one of the premiere African American comedians today.

August 2: Wil Anderson @ 918 F Street, $19 – $35

There are two things Australian comedian Wil Anderson loves in this world, and those are sharp political commentary and crude jokes about penises. They go together, right? Anderson was also named GQ’s Media Personality of the Year and makes regular appearances on Chelsea Lately. Check out his podcast “30 Odd Foot of Pod,” which was named one of the best podcasts of the year. If anything, come to hear that beautiful Australian accent.

August 2 – 3: Aisha Tyler @ The Baltimore Comedy Factory, $22 – 30

LANAAAAAA! Aisha Tyler is the vocal genius behind Lana in FX’s animated series “Archer.” Besides that, she is the new host of “Who’s Line Is It Anyway” and has starred/appeared in a slew of TV shows and movies. Tyler isn’t just a comedian; she’s also an avid activist, working for causes such as the Red Cross and Planned Parenthood. Most importantly, she is the reigning Celebrity Jeopardy champion.

August 2 – 3: Natasha Leggero @ Arlington Drafthouse, $25

You probably recognize her face from Reno 911 and her voice from Ugly Americans. She’s also set to be a judge on the next season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing alongside Andy Kindler and Greg Giraldo. Leggero has made many late-night show and comedy festival appearances.

August 2 – 4: Gilbert Gottfried @ DC Improv, $25

You know that voice. That voice that is oh so similar to nails on a chalkboard. Well, the man behind the voice is coming to the DC Improv. You probably know him for his voice-acting (Iago the Parrot, anyone?) but he’s also a hilarious comedian, performing on screen, on stage, and over the radio waves. If you haven’t seen the video of him reading an excerpt of 50 Shades of Gray, here’s your chance:


August 3: TuRae @ The Baltimore Comedy Factory, $17

He has made numerous appearances on BET shows such as “The Sumner Report” and “One Mic Stand.” But, he made his big comedy debut on Comedy Central’ “Live at Gotham” comedy special.

August 7: Five Minutes to Funny Graduation Show @ DC Improv, $10

Come see the DC Improv Comedy School graduates perform for the first time. It’s been four weeks, it’s time for them to get in front of a real audience and see how funny they really are. Comedian Chris Coccia hosts the event.

August 8: Justin Schlegel @ The Baltimore Comedy Factory, $17 – $25

Schlegel is a local comedian with a big reputation, touring with comics such as Brain Regan and Kathleen Madigan. He’s a rising star in the comic world with his high energy and “improvisational style that can mold to fit any crowd.”

August 8 – 10: Ralph Harris @ DC Improv, $20

Harris is both a comedian and an actor; his current claims to fame are his appearances in the film Dreamgirls and Evan Almighty. When he’s not acting, he tours around the country. His comedy has made it on to Comedy Central Presents and the HBO Half-Hour Comedy Special.

August 9: Story League Sings 2: Bad Girls @ The Black Cat, $15 – $20

Karaoke paired with true stories about brothels, fetishes, backstabbing, and more. Sounds like a pretty fun night, don’t you think?

August 9 – 10: Carmen Lynch @ Arlington Drafthouse, $20

She’s 6 feet tall, got rejected from the FBI, and now has been featured on Comedy Central. Not a bad life. She isn’t a household name yet, but with several appearances in indie films and a finalist on Last Comic Standing, Lynch is well on her way.


August 9 – 10: The Plastic Cup Boyz @ The Baltimore Comedy Factory, $20 – $28

The Plastic Cup Boyz consist of Na’im Lynn, Will “Spank” Horton, Joey Wells, and Lavar Walker. Each comedian has ridiculous amounts of experience both on stage and on screen with comedy specials and film appearances. Famed comedian Kevin Hart is presenting this event.

August 9 – 10: Tony Boswell @ The Comedy Zone, $20

Boswell is a founding member of the Department of Works Comedy Ensemble and though they are no longer together, all have split to pursue successful careers. Since then, he has performed at several comedy festivals such as The New Orleans’ Comedy Festival and Comedy Central’s Comedy on the Road.

August 15 – 17: Paul Rodriguez @ The Baltimore Comedy Factory, $25 – $33

Paul Rodriguez has been labeled as one of the most influential Hispanics in America. He does it all: writing, directing, producing, and performing. It would be ridiculous to list all his credits so just head to the Baltimore Comedy Factory and sample some of his comedy.

August 15 – 18: Mo Mandel @ DC Improv, $17

He’s young, he’s hip, he’s funny, he’s Mo Mandel. His comedy skills have landed him a regular spot on Chelsea Lately as well as guest appearances on the shows Free Agent, Modern Family, Love Bites, and Happy Endings. He’s a rising star in the comedy world.

August 16: Identity Crisis Comedy Showcase @ The Black Cat, $10

Local comedy at The Black Cat Mainstage! Performers include Sara Armour, Jamel Johnson, Matty Litwack, Tim D. Miller, Tyler Richardson, Randy Syphax, Jenn Tisdale, and David Tveite.

August 16 – 17: Andy Kindler @ Arlington Drafthouse, $20

Kindler isn’t afraid to break comedy taboos, such as making fun of his fellow comedian colleagues. He’s a judge on NBC’s Last Comic Standing as well as a guest star on “The Daily Show” and “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” (when that was a show).


August 17: The Capital City Showcase @ DC Arts Center, $10 — $15

This variety showcase will feature local comedians, performing artists, and musicians. Guests include The Grey Area, Katherine Jessup, Matty Litwack, Ol Mike B, Matt Tarka, and Gabe Zucker.

August 21: Story League Contest: Villians @ Busboys and Poets, $10

So, you submit your story here for consideration. Your story should be about treacherous/terrible people in your life. You find out by August 20 if you get to compete onstage. Then, you have 7 minutes to tell your story. Winner of the competition gets $100!

August 22 – 24: Ian Bagg @ The Baltimore Comedy Factory, $17 – $28

The coolest thing about Ian Bagg: he (allegedly) dated Britney Spears for three nights. More comedy related, his Comedy Central Presents special was a rousing success as well as his appearances on Craig Ferguson and Jay Leno.


August 22 – 24: Joey “Coco” Diaz @ DC Improv, $20

If you want a crass yet honest comedic experience, try out Joey Diaz. Don’t believe me? Listen to his podcast “Beauty and Da Beast” or “The Joe Rogan Experience,” where he is a regular guest star. Diaz can be seen on stage and on screen in shows such as “General Hospital” and “The Mentalist” and movies such as “Taxi” and “The Longest Yard.”

August 23: Brian Posehn @ 918 F Street, $19 – $35

He may be scary looking, but he’s really funny. He’s played on of Sarah Silverman’s gay friend on her show, “The Sarah Silverman Program.” He’s also appeared on “Friends,” “Seinfeld,” and “Everybody Loves Raymond.” Posehn even played “a man with a prolapsed rectum of ‘Californication’” which is pretty great if you ask me. Posehn also has his own metal band; it is called Steel Panther.

August 23 – 24: Adam Ray @ Arlington Drafthouse, $20

Ray gained his success through his Internet/YouTube, one of his videos being “Kermit the Frog reaction to 2 girl 1 cup.” Since then, he has been in “Two Broke Girls” and the recent film “The Heat.” He’s one of those comedians that have a massive (and sometimes creepy) Internet following.

August 24: Hope Flood @ The Baltimore Comedy Factory, $17

Flood’s comedy is centered on parenting, being a single mother, and all the stuff that goes with it. She’s been on four seasons of BET’s Comic View as well as Russell Simmons’ HBO All-Star Def Comedy Jam. Flood has also helped launch the careers of various comedians and actors such as Chris Tucker and Jaime Foxx. She’s a tour de force female comedian with over 20 years of comedy experience.


August 27: Sampson @ The Howard Theatre, $20

Sampson isn’t just a comedian; he’s also a political activist. That means his comedy is politically charged and extremely bold. He has been featured on MTV, BET, VH1, and The Own Network and has been associated with numerous LGBT activists and festivals. If you’re looking for political comedy that doesn’t play it safe, check out Sampson.

August 28 – September 1: Jake Johannsen @ DC Improv, $17 – $20

It’s weird to think a Veterinary Science/Chemical Engineering major would end up in comedy, but here Jake Johannsen is. Apparently, he is one of David Letterman’s favorite comics as he has made over 40 “Late Show” appearances. He also appears on most of the other late night TV shows. Recently he was showcased in the annual HBO young comedians special.


August 29 – 31: Finesse Mitchell @ The Baltimore Comedy Factory, $18 – $26

You’ve probably seen him in “Who’s Your Caddy,” “The Comebacks,” and/or “Mad Money.” Or, even better, you’ve seen him on Saturday Night Live. His tour is centered around his new comedy special, “One-Man Monster,” which he directed and produced and is set to be released this year.

August 31: Jamie Kilstein @ Tropicalia, $10

Co-host of Citizen Radio, Jamie Kilstein, has been called both a “goofball” and a “doofus” by Glen Beck, so I’d call that a major accomplishment. Besides being praised by the almighty Glen Beck, Kilstein has appeared on numerous TV and news shows such as Conan, Showtime’s The Green Room, and The Joy Behar Show. At one point in his life, he even got to open for Bad Religion. This man is living the dream, if I do say so myself.

Recurring Stand-up Events and Open Mics

Every First and Third Monday: 8×8 @ The Looking Glass Lounge

This variety show is hosted by Brandon Wetherbee and features 8 performers who are onstage for 8 minutes each. Performers include Sara Armour, Jia Din, Adam Friedland, Joe Kirkwood, Craig Kite, Diana Metzger, Jenn Tisdale, and Haywood Turnipseed, Jr.

Every Wednesday Night: Haha at RiRa @ Ri Ra Irish Pub, Free

10 local stand-up comedians perform, each for 3 to 10 minutes. But it doesn’t end there. Stay for “Everyone’s A Comedian” afterwards where anyone from the audience can tell a joke. The funniest joke gets $25 and a t-shirt.

Every Wednesday: Wonderland Wednesdays @ The Wonderland Ballroom, Free

Head to the Wonderland Ballroom every Wednesday night to see some great FREE comedy. Each show has a regular comedian. The first Wednesday features Haywood Turnipseed Jr (Highway Robbery), the second Wednesday is Linsay Deming (Church Night),the third Wednesday is Adam Friedland (Funny Moms), and last, but certainly not least, is Christian Hunt (The Wonderland Circus).

Every Thursday Night: Cool Cow Comedy Showcase @ Arlington Drafthouse, $5

Join Rahmein Mostafavi and three of the area’s best comics for an hour of comedy, food, and drinks. Plus, it’s only $5.

Every Thursday Night: Open Mic Night @ The Comedy Spot, Free

Comedians of all ages and experience levels are welcome to try their hand at stand-up.

Every Thursday Night: The Laughing Buddha-ha-ha @ Topaz Hotel Bar, Free

10 local stand-up comedians perform, each for 3 to 10 minutes. But it doesn’t end there. Stay for “Everyone’s A Comedian” afterwards where anyone from the audience can tell a joke. The funniest joke gets $25 and a t-shirt.

Every Friday Night: You, Me, Them, Everybody @ The Wonderland Ballroom

A comedy talkshow/lovely podcast hosted by BYT’s own Brandon Wetherbee. Guests include Haywood Turnipseed, Jr., Dana Bell, and Adam Friedland.

Every Friday Night: ThreeGuysOn presents The Final Draft @ Arlington Drafthouse, Free

The guys from the ThreeGuysOn podcast come to the Arlington Drafthouse and perform their best comedy material. It’s a free comedy show!

Every Friday and Saturday Night: The Blue Show @ The Comedy Spot, $10

Improv games by local comedians for adults only.

Every Saturday Night: Laugh Riot @ The Hyatt, $10

10 local stand-up comedians perform, each for 3 to 10 minutes. But it doesn’t end there. Stay for “Everyone’s A Comedian” afterwards where anyone from the audience can tell a joke. The funniest joke gets $25 and a t-shirt.