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Chris Francke knew he would one day own a bar, restaurant, Arab café or nightclub, and this weekend, his dreams become a reality as The Green Zone finds its permanent home in Adams Morgan at 18th & Kalorama.

After nearly six years without brick and mortar – from an invite-only specialty cocktail event in Francke’s living room to a formal, multi-year D.C. popup – there is nothing quite like this cozy, Arab-infused craft cocktail bar. In the space that was formerly Rendezvous Lounge, The Green Zone’s spirit echoes what Francke calls his “Arab hospitality gene.”

The Green Zone

Having meticulously curated the look and feel of the multi-story bar, Francke wants his guests to have an experience with every sip and bite. With late night hours ranging from 2 a.m. during the week to 3 a.m. throughout the weekend, and all food offerings priced at less than $10, The Green Zone is almost as friendly to the wallet as Francke and his team are to their guests.

The extensive and unique cocktail menu boasts a rum and Mezcal-infused blend called the FUCK TRUMP! Punch, which (not unlike the current Administration) could have you curled up into a ball on the floor if (and when) you are not paying attention. The Green Zone’s Middle Eastern fare includes a delicious classic hummus, lemon Arab seasoned wings and the best falafel you never knew you were missing.

Combining his Iraqi-Lebanese background and his extensive travels throughout the Middle East with his passion for food and drink, Francke guarantees his patrons will leave with a full stomach having had one hell of a good time. On the weekends, the upstairs will feature live music and DJs in a unique space that Francke identifies as a classy look with a party vibe. Take a stab at The Green Zone Challenge – finish six cocktails on the menu – and one of The Green Zone’s resident cocktail connoisseurs will make you a custom seventh drink for free.

The Green Zone is located at 2226 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009 and open Tuesday through Sunday at 5 p.m.

Words by Sabrina Kent, Photos by Clarissa Villondo


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