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One surefire sign (aside from our labor day Saturday, back-to-school pool party) that the summer is slowly coming to an end is that the area outdoor movie festivals are slowly but surely packing their bags and retreating for the season.

So, if you want to make the most of what’s left, here’s a handy day-by-day-by-movie locator of the remaining offerings (dcoutdoorfilms.com has a downloadable PDF too).

  • Crystal Screen: By the Numbers (Crystal City, Arlington, Va.)
  • tonight!!!! Aug. 29: 2001: A Space Odyssey (aka the movie Kubrick actually tagged “the ultimate trip”). Bookend it with MOON on Netflix once you get home
  • U Street Movie Series: Harrison Field Under the Stars
  • Sept. 20 Big Birding Day (short) Bag It
  • October: (Date TBD) Waiting for Superman (the documentary about the state of education in America that should be lapped up by DC in a heartbeat)
  • National Harbor Movies on the Potomac (National Harbor, Md.)
  • Sept. 2: Seabiscuit
  • Sept. 4: Wizard of Oz (especially recommended in this post-hurricane climate)
  • Sept. 9: The Social Network
  • Sept. 16: The Blind Side
  • Sept. 23: Inception
  • Sept. 30: Titanic
  • Flicks in the Sticks (Broadlands, Ashburn, Va.)
  • Sept. 10: Tangled
  • Lubber Run Amphitheatre (Arlington, Va.)
  • Sept. 3: Inception (which certainly seems to be having a moment in outdoor movies this summer)
  • Columbia’s Lakefront Summer Festival Movies (Which allows you to relive the glory days of PIXAR before CARS 2 happened this year)
  • Sept. 2: Finding Nemo
  • Sept. 3: Toy Story 3
  • Sept. 4: Cars
  • Sept. 10: Rango
  • Sept. 16: Monsters vs. Aliens
  • Sept. 17: How to Train Your Dragon
  • Wheaton TGIF Summer Series
  • Sept. 2: Finding Nemo
  • Sept. 9: The Lion King

let us know if we missed anything…