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all photos: Morgan H. West

There are few things that say SUMMER more to us than a nice, crisp glass of Lambrusco. We’re not talking about the sickly sweet, dirt cheap versions that have given the lightly carbonated Italian wine a bad name but the lovely, potable originals from the Emilia-Romagna region.


SO, it is with full hearts and thirsty mouths that we are happy to inform you that The Partisan and Red Apron butchery are dedicating this whole week to celebrating it. Under the steady curatorial hand of wine director Brent Kroll, The Partisan (which, it should be noted, is NOT participating in Restaurant Week this week) will be spotlighting the seven offerings they have on offer (all at $9 per glass and $36 per bottle) ranging from the most delicate Fiorini version to Saetti’s Rosso VIola, a full and firm bodied option.


For those into pairing their lambruscos with cured meats (as God and Nathan Anda intended), there is also a Wine/Charcuterie pairing option with three pairings going for $18, five for $27 and all seven for $35. We DID taste them all and recommend definitely making a move for the Biraldo + Fiorini’s Terra Del Sole as well as campari-rosemary salami with Fiorini’s Corte Degli Attimi, as well as the classic Mortadella + Chiarli combination, though frankly, sitting and leisurely sampling all seven does seem like a pretty nice way to spend an afternoon-into-evening in August.


Bonus: Red Apron will ALSO be partaking in the celebration during the week. At Union Market, Becco Rosso Lambrusco will be available by the glass to pair with Anda’s Grown Up Bologna Sandwich. At the Mosaic District location, guests can enjoy a 10% discount on a three bottle pack of Fiorini Lambrusco, a great accompaniment for any of Red Apron’s fresh cuts and on Sunday, August 16th Kroll will be pouring and featuring Lambrusco at the Glass Alley Block Party from 4 – 7 PM in Merrifield.


The Partisan bar is open at 4pm every day. Lambrusco week is running through Sunday. See you all there.