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all photos and words: Dakota Fine

Ok, so here’s the 15 minute review of an awesome concert that deserves a much more thorough and thoughtful review…

Ladytron came on at 7pm, and while the audience filtered into Merriweather, these guys were up on stage jammin it out to a rather meager crowd. I spoke with the curly haired Ladytron (pictured below) backstage and she told me that the show the night before at Sonar had been much better… go figure, I’m sure the crowd was rowdy. But either way, they played a hot set, and they’re certainly hot, sooooo…

Musically, electronica-synth moog-madness, rock, awesome. I didn’t dance. I was taking pictures.


DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-47 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-13




DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-44 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-45

DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-50 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-23 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-4

DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-15 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-39

DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-3 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-24 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-40

I’m not gonna lie, my interest in this show stemmed mostly from Seu Jorge who I shot the day before at National Geographic, but when I heard that TV on the Radio was playing, my enthusiasm rapidly crescendoed. I know they’re indie-rock critic darlings who probably get much more credit they deserve, however, I still think they are musically genius. Their frenetic frontman, Tunde Adebimpe, staggered about the stage in the raging humidity, sweating his face off and flipping his arms flamboyantly. At one point when the band launched into a song, he suddenly threw on the brakes and forcing everyone to stop playing said, “that’s just how I do.” Which was kinda funny, but also a sign of a prima-donna, if you ask me.

Anyways, when they played “Wolf Like Me” and “I was a Lover,” they brought the house down. I danced in the photo pit, because I had to. Oh, and of course it rained, because it’s summer in DC, and the skies got so heavy they burst. But thanks to the rain, I got some awesome gray cloud shots.

DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-53 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-52


DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-86 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-112 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-111 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-101 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-105 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-54

DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-94 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-55 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-87 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-96

DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-123 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-97 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-61

DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-125 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-127


DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-92 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-132

And then came Thievery. With all their word music performers, and dancers and special guests, it’s hard to keep track of what exactly is going on, but they did put on an entertaining show, and as you can see from the crowd shots, the place was packed. The whole thing was such a local orgy. The backstage was filled with a million people who all claimed to be a friend or an ex-girlfriend or Rob and/or Eric, but there was amazing free food. All in all the performers added an awesome extra touch to everything that was going on onstage.

But Seu Jorge was the crown jewel of it all, I must say. With his sing-me-a-lullaby voice, and extremely sedate/stoned style, he is the ultimate in laid-back Brazilian jazz/samba/pop/whatever you wanna call him, I love it. Enjoy the pictures.

DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-141 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-181


DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-163 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-139 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-185

DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-143 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-207

DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-184 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-146


DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-162 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-231 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-169 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-186 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-148 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-210 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-179


DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-158 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-205 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-138 DF08_6.28_Thievery@Merriweather-144