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all werds: Dakota Fine

photos: Josh Sisk (see full set here) & Dakota Fine (see full set here)

Friday night begged me for adventure. So like an overindulged fat girl on her sweet sixteen, I asked daddy for multi-layered (smash them) party cakes, and daddy delivered. Journeying to Sonar for an extreme Taxlo dance party experience promising a host of DJ’s including the illustrious (and always smiling) Stereofaith as well as a guest appearance from the ridiculously lovely Ladytron, we ran into some interference. Unfortunately, due to a shoot with Seu Jorge that ran overtime (for National Geographic Channel, sorry you won’t see those photos here…), and a horrendous accident on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway I missed the Ladytron set. Because though, Josh Sisk is such a absurdly sick photo beast, we have pretty pictures of pretty Ladytron for all you scandalous hyenas (come on, I know you’re just looking for more shots of tits). However, I caught both Seu Jorge and Ladytron the next day at Merriweather… these pictures you can check out in my next post.

So, Baltimore, here’s to you. Much love. Both to you and your leggy ladies.

First up, photos by the incomparable Josh Sisk:

ladytron @ sonar, baltimore. ladytron @ sonar, baltimore. ladytron @ sonar, baltimore. ladytron @ sonar, baltimore. ladytron @ sonar, baltimore.

Josh’s Ladytron pics? Equal in sickness to the pope’s drawers after his 5,896th wet dream… next level, dance party, Taxlo style.


taxlo. stereofaith @ taxlo.


taxlo. taxlo. cullen stalin. taxlo.

ed schrader @ taxlo. taxlo. taxlo. kristi.

Next up, shots by Dakota

I mean, what can I say? My vision was crowded by these scantily clad legs you see before you now.



DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-31 DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-33 DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-48

DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-9 DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-27





DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-49 DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-44

DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-47 DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-23 DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-22 DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-6 DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-1

DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-50 DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-4

DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-12 DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-18 DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-29 DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-62

Chicks fighting in the street. I say let ’em fight, as long as there is no ganging up involved, and as long as both parties are trying to throw down… let ’em throw. And throw they did. Bouncers broke it up pretty quick. Damn.

DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-36 DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-39

DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-25 DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-8 DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-28

DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-60 DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-30 DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-64

DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-10 DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-20 DF08_6.27_Taxlo@Sonar-53