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all photos: Dakota Fine

So-Lady Gaga came to town and we got super excited when we got photo passes approved. So we sent Dakota, our A-list photo guy on a mission and it transpires that only two songs were allowed to be shot and they were not allowing the photo people to watch the whole show. Not that we’re complaining.

Ever resourceful, Dakota managed to snap some amazing photos of fans too, which, in our opinion, were probably the real show anyway.

ENJOY and please leave your memories of the night in the comments:


DF10_9.7_Gaga-143.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-141.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-140.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-142.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-136.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-134.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-132.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-129.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-131.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-130.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-128.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-152.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-151.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-146.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-145.jpg


DF10_9.7_Gaga-121.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-124.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-120.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-119.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-118.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-117.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-116.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-115.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-114.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-112.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-111.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-110.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-109.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-104.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-103.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-101.jpg DF10_9.7_Gaga-102.jpg