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Yes, you can get Korean food throughout D.C. There’s no shortage of places to purchase bulgogi or bibimbap in the city. But if you wanted to grill at your table in a Korean restaurant in the area, you had to go to Annandale or Clarendon or Rockville. Now you can just go to Shaw.


Gogi Yogi, the only table top Korean BBQ in D.C., is now open in Shaw. From the team behind Duke’s Counter and Duke’s Grocery and a kitchen led by born and raised D.C. Korean and African-American Chef Patrice Cunningham, it’s everything you’ve come to expect from a Korean BBQ spot, except for the K-Pop. Unlike the places in Annandale or Clarendon or Rockville, there are far fewer screens and far more seats.


Another major difference between Gogi Yogi and the places in Maryland and Virginia is the venting. You will not go home smelling of Korean BBQ. The build out allowed for an intricate venting system that left us smelling like we did when we arrived, something I’ve never been able to say after previous Korean BBQ experiences.


Similar to other Korean BBQ restaurants, it’s an experience best experienced with friends. Reservations are currently available for groups between 4 and 10 and you’ll want to go with as many people as possible. It’s not an all-you-can-eat situation but there’s more than enough food with a single grill order. You’ll want to go with friends so you can taste more of the menu.


It’s good to see a restaurant at the corner of Florida and 8th. What was once Argent and before that Kit + Ace is the type of place that will draw groups of people interested in food rather than an overpriced t-shirt. After this week’s announcement of the impending closing of another Shaw business, Violet Boutique, maybe the only type of business that can succeed in this development is a restaurant.


Whether you’re going to a show at 9:30 Club or Howard Theatre, walking around the neighborhood during Art All Night, or bar hopping around U Street, Gogi Yogi is in an excellent location for the inquisitive Korean BBQ fan. And unlike the other Korean BBQ in the area, you don’t need to drive there. So find a few friends, order a few dishes, pop open a few Super Clears and spend a few hours in a very fine addition to the neighborhood.