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LA-based KingJet (who you may also know from his writing and production credits for Mac Miller, Vic Mensa, Duckwrth, etc.) has a brand new EP out TODAY! In honor of the release, he’s given us a little listening party ft. a mix of his own tracks and ones by others he found to be influential. Be sure to check out Travel (it’s REAL GOOD) in its entirety here, and in the meantime, cruise the below to get in KingJet’s creative headspace:

KingJet – Dead Bodies  

This was the last song I finished on the EP.  I had to put this one on there because sometimes you just gotta talk your sh*t!

Mild High Club – Tessellation 

This was one of my top played songs of last year.  Every part of this song is a gem.  It hits my weird jazz side and of course just grooves.

Fenster – Like A River 

This was a random find, I can’t remember who posted this on their page, but I listened to their whole EP and this one hit me.  Its sad, but doesn’t get you into that “I need to stay home” vibe.  Their whole project is in my rotation, though.

Trippie Redd – Negative Energy

Gotta have this one here!  This one goes!

KingJet – Ghost 

I put this song on my ‘Travel’ EP (out today, Jan 25) because I wanted to put one on there that I know everybody could, at one point, relate to.  Music is therapy and when I wrote this one I was in my feelings lol.