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by Lauren Jones

Say it with me now: Yumpling. I know, it’s cute, right? Well, these guys are kind of the new kids on the food truck block and they have debuted to quite a crowd. The second they opened the window, there was a swarm of K Street suits ready with their chopsticks.

Why dumplings? Because a) no one else had thought to do them, and b) they are deliciously steamed bundles of glee. I mean, obviously.  Kenny, dumpling extraordinaire, told me that Yumpling is still working on their menu but are happy to serve beef, pork, shrimp, and vegetable dumplings as well as side nomz like edamame and soup.  Keep your eyes peeled for some tricked out dumplings to appear soon—perhaps a lobster dumpling or, check it, a nacho cheese dumpling will tickle your taste buds this spring.

Six dumplings clock in at less than 300 calories, which clearly makes erryone happy.  So, even if you’re like me and you order ten, you still don’t have to apologize to your thighs. Six dumplings for $5, ten for $8 or you could spring for the combo (ten dumplings and a side item) for $10. Yumpling is still working through their growing pains, peeps, so be extra special nice to them if you have to wait a bit. Twitpling: @yumplingdc