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by Lauren Jones 

Question/Answer time! Do you like crab? Cheese? Chewy tortillas? If you answered ‘damn straight’ to all of these questions, I’ve got a little gem for you: The crab quesadilla from The Salsa Room’s Empanada and Quesadilla truck. See what I did there?

You may have been to The Salsa Room in Arlington and in October these guys cha-cha’d their way to the streets of D.C., making baked empanadas and quesadillas for all of us amigos and amigas to enjoy. What started as a strictly empanada adventure evolved as time passed. Why, you ask? Because quesadillas are chewy, cheesy, and delicious. Also, because truck owner Victor Villarreal wanted to keep things fresh and fabulous so quesadillas were the way to go. No complaints here, papi.


The crab quesadilla is particularly amazing. Maryland crab, cheese, green and red peppers all melted together nicely between two tortillas. Top it off with pico de gallo and chunky guac and the end result is sweet, buttery crab meets cool, fresh finish. Other menu items include quesadillas in the form of carnitas, Mexican jalapeno sausage, and Gambas shrimp, among others. And the baked empanadas still prevail! Tear it up with a chicken or beef and complete your meal with some traditional flan.

As for Saving the DC Food Trucks? Villarreal says that trucks are “something different that is good for the community.” Remember how deserted Farragut and other parks used to be before these mobile kitchens arrived? Look at how lively they are now. Menu starts around $8. Twittadilla: @BakedTSR