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by Lauren Jones 

Oh hey there, you adorable little lunch box. Get over here, mama’s hungry. No one said that you had to stop having a lunch box once you “grew up” and stated wearing a suit, am I right? SUNdeVICH didn’t think so either so they’ve been toting lunch boxes all over DC and feeding the masses with their globally inspired sammies.

You may have visited the SUNdeVICH alley sandwich shop in Shaw. Lucky for us, they decided to go mobile after a drunken night at The Passenger—because there is no better way to instigate genius, naturally. So how are the ‘viches conceived? Truck co-owner Ryan Kim told me that the idea is to pick a worldly location and then create an awesome sandwich out of it. It’s basically a fun game of adding a new twist to a lunch staple that is so very American. And when I say global, I mean glo-bal.


I tried the Kingston (jerk chicken, pineapple salsa, greens, spicy slaw, and garlic mayo) which was a lovely marriage of robust spice with a sweet, citrusy after thought. The crunch of the slaw against the tender, shredded chicken hit it home too. Other ‘viches include Mexico City; ham, eggs, avocado, tomato, chipotle butter and Isfahan (part of Iran…I won’t tell anyone you didn’t know that) that’s made up of a spinach, mushroom, walnut, barberry soufflé and topped with tzatziki sauce. Or get wild with the Moscow; Russian salad (chicken, potato, eggs, peas, gherkins, carrots, mayo) with tomato and greens. Whatever suits your international fancy, they’ve probably got it, squeezed between two slices of a crispy, chewy baguette.


SUNdeVICHes from the truck will run you about $7. Pair your sandwich with chips and a drink or get soupy with something like creamy potato leek (aka the lunchbox! $12) TwitterVICH: @SUNdeVICHtruck

As for the pending food truck regulations? Kim is just riding the wave. You too can help Save DC Food Trucks. Get on it, peeps!