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by Lauren Jones

For me, the best part of ordering a burrito is knowing that what’s in that tortilla wrapped bundle of delight is going to send my taste buds straight into a conga line. Oh, this happens for you too? I KNEW it. Rito Loco, which landed in DC in September, has twisted the beloved burrito into something even more awesome.

When owners, Daniel and Louie, said good-bye to corporate America they turned toward something that felt right: food. Inspired by their worldly travels, they have created a menu that offers off the cuff burritos like the mojito rito (South Beach sponsored refreshing citrus infused pulled chicken topped with fresh mint) and the rib rito (mouth watering in-house recipe twice seasoned pulled baby back ribs). And now it’s time to talk about those ribs that just so happen to go through a 24-hour dry rub and a six hour slow cook. Uh-Huh. Sweet, spicy and tender doesn’t even cut it. And, if you ask really nicely, you may be able to partake in the “crack sauce.” I’ll leave it at that but trust me, you want the crack sauce.

If you need a bite for breakfast or are in the mood for something sweet, Rito Loco offers a scramby egg rito and a fruit rito that is sweet and creamy with undertones of cinnamon and granola. Ritos are $8 and you can keep your eyes peeled for new additions to the menu like sides, salads and apps (queso…yes, queso). Get loco on the tweetdeck: @RitoLoco