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 by Lauren Jones

Things we love: Lobstah, chowdah, and hot cidah. Yeah—I can see you shaking your head in and dancing in your desk chair—how can you NOT be excited for the Mac’ Daddy of all crustaceans? I mean, SRSLY. The Red Hook Lobster Truck is the real deal when it comes to awesome eats and impeccable customer service—not to mention that while you wait you will probably be bumpin’ to the tunes of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

Warm up with a bowl of rich, creamy clam chowder and please your taste buds with a sweet, sweet, roll of fresh Maine lobster. Lobster rolls come in two varieties—a) Maine Style: fresh Maine Lobster meat in a homemade light lemon-based mayo or b) Connecticut Style: fresh Maine Lobster meat poached in butter.  According to the Red Hook regular I met in line, Chris, the lobster rolls served here are the best outside of Cape Cod. And according to Chris’ accent, he may know a thing or two about lobster. Chris doesn’t mess around with the Connecticut “buttery bullsh*t” but don’t let one man’s opinion sway you, buttah-lovers, there were plenty of fans pushing for the Connecticut roll.

Co-owner Leland loves making the lobster lovers of DC happy as clams. Monthly, Red Hook is known to park in a customer’s choice spot in the city and on the day I visited, Leland was offering drinks on the house.  The menu rotates seasonally (springtime Lobster BLT, anyone?) and this time of year they will be alternating between clam and lobster chowdah. Do yourself and go for a meal deal where you can get a full chowdah and half roll for $15. And go right on ahead and grab a whoopie pie from Whoopsies! for dessert (oh my gawd, the red velvet!). Menu items start around $7.00 but real fresh lobstah is a bit pricey, yo! So be prepared and just go for it. Twittah: @LobsterTruckDC