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Words and Photos: Lauren Jones


It’s official, (ok, it was actually official ages ago) food trucks have taken over lunchtime practices in Washington. That sad, brown-bagged turkey sandwich has no hope. However, the DC government is stepping up its regulations and many of these beauties are, or potentially could be, on the outs. So after covering these mobile culinary delights for nearly a year, I thought I’d highlight five of my absolute, makes-my-taste-buds-tap-dance favorites:

Far East Taco Grille
This Korean/Japanese BBQ meets taco truck offers selections like Bang Tang Chicken, Sweet Sexy Tofu, Spicy Flying Pig, Kimchi Lime Slaw, Sweet-Chili Romaine, Cheesy-Lime Crema and #15 Sauce. Any sauce that is named by a numerical value is going to be rad.
Far East Taco Grill

Hula Girl Truck
Hawaiian meets mainland. The pork and cabbage. OMG the PORK AND CABBAGE. And Spam…if you’re into that.
Hula Girl

Fojol Bros. Merlindia
Indian inspired items like spinach and cheese, lentils and buttered chicken topped with yogurt/cilantro chutney sauce brought to you from a far, far-away land of gastronomic bliss.
Fojol Bros. Merlindia

Basil Thyme
…Will be retiring in the next couple of months. Major SAD FACE. Homemade lasagnas that are so fresh and so nice. The Giuseppe was my favorite—vegetarian lasagna based on real black truffles, gorgonzola cheese and Portobello cream sauce; rich, creamy and the truffle/cheese concoction of deliciousness almost melted in my mouth. Brian Farrell is a noodle making genius and will totally be missed once he closes the Basil Thyme window for good. So get there, peeps.
Basil Thyme

These crazy kids are making macaroni magic happen all around the District. And there topping it all off with crushed up Cheez-Its. Unreal. Try the MarcoBolo. Don’t ask questions, just try it.

Cap Mac Marco Bolo