Keep On Truckin: Meatball Nation
BYT at large | Nov 30, 2012 | 12:45PM |

by Lauren Jones

Few things in life are more adorbs than newlyweds cooking up meatballs of delight. At the recently debuted food truck, Meatball Nation, that’s what’s in store for you—meatball sliders with a side of love. First of all, how awesome is the marriage of the meatball and the slider?! Yeah, I KNOW. That’s what Julian and Lauren thought too when they followed their passion for food and trucked it down from New Jersey to open their very first food truck here in DC. Why meatball sliders? Because meatballs can wear many suits of flavors and sliders give everyone an opportunity to try multiple tastes in any meal. FAB.

Influenced by their Italian backgrounds and worldly travels, these guys offer more than just your average meatball. In addition to the traditional beef, tom, motz ball you can try the Spicy Thai balls (ground chicken, peanut sauce, tangy slaw and crushed peanuts) and the BBQ balls (ground pork, bacon, cheddar, apple ginger slaw, bourbon bbq sauce). Talk about wallowing in balls of bliss! All of the ingredients, down to the homemade sauces and garden herbs, are the freshest; giving every bite a vibrancy that makes these little sliders a culinary marvel. Get three of a kind or really jazz up your style and try one of each. 1 slider for $3 or 3 for $8.

Meatball Nation is even greater for their dedication to the community and for just being rad in general. As they’re familiar with the difficultly of opening a business, they donate 1% of their sales to local start-ups who need a little push. AMAZE. Also, keep track of their Tweets, peeps! They are known for shenanigans like giving a free meal to the x person in line on the x day of the month followed by the naming the balls after that person (see Jamie’s balls this week).  @1meatballnation

So, really after all of that awesomeness, how could you say no to balls like that?