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by Lauren Jones

Is there anything better than having mama in the kitchen whipping up something magical for your mouth? IS THERE? I think not. At the Kaftamania food truck mama Leila’s in the kitchen and the Lebanese kaftas she’s creating are just splendid.

Lebanese native Leila and her son Pascal opened Kaftamania in November and have been cruising around VA and DC ever since. A former Volkswagen employee, Pascal has taken his customer service skills to the streets and welcomes everyone to try a kafta. Sorry…a what? Pascal is adamant that kaftas are not, NOT, burgers, but rather a Lebanese meat patty (beef or turkey) that is infused with parsley, onion and seven Mediterranean spices served with a special sauce on a soft baguette. Sounds fab, right? Well, it was.

Kaftamania also makes super fresh veggie stuffed grape leaves and a sick baba ghanoush that comes with homemade oregano pita chips. Want a Panini instead? Try the grilled Halloumi cheese panini with imported halloumi cheese from Cyprus, tomato, and oregano. Keep your eyes peeled for specials like a chicken and rice plate or lentil soup with lemon.  And remember, when you’re good to mama, mama’s good to you!
Menu starts around $7; Twittermania: @KaftaMania