Keep On Truckin’: Hula Girl Truck
BYT at large | Dec 7, 2012 | 10:00AM |

by Lauren Jones

You know when you are eating something and in your head you’re thinking “seriously, how can this be this un-effing-believably delicious. Like HOW?” Well, that’s how I felt this week when I was eating the Hula Girl mixed plate lunch from the Hula Girl Truck. Mikala—owner, native Hawaiian, Spam lover—told me that what makes her truck great is that the dishes are grilled fresh to order and all add that Hawaiian burst of sunshine to your taste buds (ok, she didn’t say that last part, but its TRUE).

I don’t even know what I liked best. The teriyaki steak? The sweet, sticky rice? The crisp side salad topped with a house made ginger dressing and pickled carrots and daikon? Or the Kalua Pork? ZOMG. The PORK. I’m not even kidding, the pork melted in my mouth. It was piggy magical.

And truuuust me, I’m not the only person who feels this way. While I was chatting with Mikala, regulars Robert, Ron and Katie all approached to order and Mikala greeted them by name. They all agreed they visit Hula Girl nearly once a week. It’s get political too guys—it’s not uncommon for the Hawaiian House Reps to stop by for some nom. Because it’s that good. Really.

Wondering if Hula Girl has Spam? Of course you are. Andrew Zimmern recently stopped by for an upcoming show that will be aired on the Travel Channel in February and he wasn’t a Spam fan. Neither am I, I’d rather eat cat food. Call me a hater, it’s fine. But of course, Spam is a Hawaiian staple and for the lovers out there wherever you are, there is Spam Musubi (think Spam sushi).

Hula Girl will fill you up and make you want to Hula. The truck itself will make you happy. Mikala says it’s an homage to her Mother who had always had a love for woodies (those are vehicles with wood side panels, not what you are thinking, pervs). The truck is beautiful, it pumps out music, and serves up the best Hawaiian street fare on the mainland. Mahalo.

Grub starts at $8.50; try a coconut panna cotta Haupia for dessert, $1.00. Tweet it out: @hulagirltruck