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by Lauren Jones

There’s nothing like a little Korean bibimbap-in’ away in your mouth to get the lunch party started. For a signature bowl of the sweet and spicy specialty, try heading to the Fire and Rice food truck to get your bulgogi on.

I was greeted by Rodney, who explained a traditional bibimbap to me. Bimbimbap literally means “mixed rice;” add that to fresh vegetables, throw a fried egg on top and finish it off with a spicy chilli sauce called gochujang and you’re ready to nom. Of course, American’s love meat—obv—so when bibimbap was introduced in the U.S., we opted to throw chicken, beef and pork in the mix and then we were really ready to nom.

I went with the bulgogi beef option—their best seller (although Rodney told me pork is his favorite) and was happy that I did. Fire and Rice prepares all of their bowls with only the freshest ingredients and the vegetables that came in my bowl were zucchini, cucumber, shredded carrot, bean sprouts and spinach. Naturally, I added a healthy amount of gochujang and their sweet soy sauce for the wimpy people (like me) who can’t handle a lot of heat. I was delightfully surprised by how much flavor there was in every bite and the complexity of the sweet v. spicy v. savory was FAB. An added bonus; I felt relatively healthy chowing down AND was super full. Now that’s something to bap about.

Bowls start at $7.50. If you were smart enough you save your “I voted” sticker in remembrance of 4 more years, you can get a free egg on your bowl through today! Tweet it out: @eatfirenrice