Keep On Truckin’: Feelin Crabby?
BYT at large | Dec 14, 2012 | 11:00AM |

by Lauren Jones

Everyone feels crabby sometimes—the fiscal cliff, Taylor Swift’s elfish grin, Mondays in general, the transition of Justin Bieber from boy to man—all of these things induce feelings of crabbiness. Thank goodness there is a crabtastic food truck to take care of all of that. Enter: Feelin’ Crabby?
Hailing from Maryland, Feelin’ Crabby? has been prowling the streets of DC since June 2011. Serving up crab and lobster salads, sandwiches and rotating seasonal winter soups (piping hot cream of crab, anyone?). Naturally, everything is made fresh daily by owner Alex Tsamouras and sourced by local seafood company ProFish.

I went with the crab salad—a hearty scoop of housemade creamy, peppery crab salad that sits prettily atop mesclun greens, grape tomatoes and is lightly dressed with lemon vinaigrette. Tasty, not too rich and perfect for lunch as it won’t put you in a crustacean food coma.
Feelin’ Crabby? provides its customers with a frequent crabber card where you receive free chips and a drink after purchasing five crabwiches. It gets better! Keep an eye on their twitter feed; at random they may offer free chips and a drink with entrée purchase to anyone who has their card on them or a free drink to those who are truly feelin’ crabby. So strap that card to your work satchel and keep up with the tweets, peeps!
Sammies start around $12. They also have lobster and crab sliders. That’s right. @FeelinCrabby


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