Keep on Truckin’: El Fuego
BYT Staff | Apr 19, 2013 | 10:30AM |

by Lauren Jones 

Things are really heating up in D.C. And by that I mean heating up in my mouth with the Peruvian-inspired El Fuego food truck. Blazing through Washington, this sizzling delight offers patrons a fresh taste of South America.

The truck’s owner, Manuel Alfaro, hails from Puerto Rico and trained as a chef in Spain but El Fuego is a love letter to the place where he found his passion for food and met his wife: Peru. El Fuego debuted a mere six months ago and the reactions from Farragut foodies have been fierce. Maybe that’s because this is the only food truck in DC that serves ceviche. Yes, I said that. Citrusy, spicy, fresh CEVICHE.


Other menu options include the a signature Lomo Saltado Bowl with ridiculously tender beef tenderloin (also available with chicken, shrimp or tofu) stir-fried with hot peppers, plum tomatoes and red onion. Bowls are served with rice and French fries and three crafted sauces that escalate in heat and ass kicking abilities. Or, if you’re daring, sink your teeth into an El Fuego Burger: Peruvian-style burger, cheese, potato stix, fried egg, plum tomato, shredded cabbage and the signature El Fuego sauce. OMG. Just, ohemgee.

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You’ll notice that the truck is on fire as well. OK. It’s painted fire but it’s still badass. Alfaro was inspired when during his time as a volunteer firefighter in Florida. Between that and the fab fare, what’s not to get fired up about? Menu items start around $7. El Twitter: @elFuegoDc




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