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by Lauren Jones

If you can offer me pizza AND tots from a food truck then we can be best friends. I’m serious. If you head to DC Slices and think that all you’re there for is pizza than you are definitely in for a tot-a-licious treat. That’s right, in addition to chewy, crunchy baked-in-the-mobile-oven pizza, you can order tots of all kinds: sweet potato, Cajun, bacon-cheddar. It’s like a gastronomic holiday for our 14 year old selves. You know what I mean.


I spoke with Zack and Matt who told me that the popularity of their pizza depends on the location they park at for the day. For example, pepperoni/sausage/onion sells like mad at L’Enfant Plaza, veggie in Dupont Circle (shocking) and buffalo chicken is the hot ticket at Metro Center. Good for us, they are all available regardless of where this veteran DC food truck is parked. Hailing from Arlington, DC slices is one of the original food trucks in DC and has been cruising around for nearly three years.


The idea of the tots started as a tease with one thrown on up of a slice as in “oh hey tot, where did you come from and where are all of your delicious friends?” but we all know Washingtonians don’t take to teasing well so low and behold, DC Slices added fryers actual tot options to the menu. DC slices is the perfect jam if you are in the mood for something that’s tasty, fresh and an American staple.

Slices are $4/each and decently sized—although if your stomach is a black hole like mine, you’ll probably want two. Bonus: fresh basil offered on every slice; ranch or blue cheese drizzle (because who doesn’t love a good drizzle?) offered on the buffalo chicken. Tots start at $4. You know you wanna tweet: @dcslices.