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by Lauren Jones 

Fellow Washingtonians, we’ve reached a new level of indescribable. Within the span of a week, we somehow managed to skip over an entire season. Remember when I told you last week that pretty soon we’d all be sweating and hating it? Uh-huh. I realize that we may still be in the skirts-and-sandals-in-April loving it phase but there’s no denying that you’re sweating. Lucky for us, there’s a taste of the Caribbean cruising the streets to complement this tropical weather: Caribbean Café food truck.

truck 2

Owner Wayne Clarke grew up in Guyana and spent over twenty years working the Washington political circuit before he decided to hang up his suit and bring the flavor of the West Indies to D.C. Influenced by Guyanese, Jamaican and Trinidadian food cultures, he’s introduced us to a number of rich and flavorful creations like jerk chicken wings, ox tail, and chicken and vegetable curries and roti. I tried the ox tail with peas and rice (which btw are not peas, they are beans, but we don’t eff with culture) and it was robust and filling and kept me happy all afternoon. The menu is somewhat set to an entrée with two sides (Caribbean Café also offers plantains and coco bread) for $10. Fresh drinks also rotate seasonally so keep your eyes peeled for Sorrel—a favorite of the tropics made from the Hibiscus plant—coming soon.

Wayne is also quite the customer service provider, as he stands outside the truck and walks patrons through the menu, chats and jokes with them. I also watched him doll out free ox tail samples to the curious and a cold beverage to a homeless man who was passing through. Are you thinking, “That’s weird, is Wayne a robot?” “Is he running for office?” Nope and nope. He’s just a real-life hospitable person who loves what he does. Twitteribbean: @Caribbean2Go



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