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All words + photos: Lauren Jones

There are lunch times when I want nothing more than to face plant into a gooey, cheesy bowl of Mac and Cheese. A bowl that is so deliciously loaded with carbs and sauce that it sends me into a food coma of oblivion until the clock finally strikes 5:00pm (or 8:30pm for you K Street crazies). The CapMac truck was the perfect spot for this cheesy vortex of bliss.

As a child of indecisiveness, I couldn’t decide what to nom on so I ended up with the Classic CapMan n’ Cheese (cheddar, pimento, cheez-it crumble), made “sloppy” and the MarcoBolo (house ground beef brisket simmered for hours w/ red wine, tomatoes & fresh herbs. Finished with a splash of cream and a sprinkle of parm and served with rigatoni pasta). And the Happy Ending bar (Chocolate chunk cookie, honey walnut toffee and coconut brownie all layered together). I like to eat. SO WHAT? Both dishes were REALLY flavorful, I was having a hard time finding time to breath in between bites. The sloppy classic was delish and the crunchy cheez-it’s were a great supplement to the cheesy mac. BUT I’m going to have to say that the MVP player in the cheese-tastic game was the MarcoBolo. I think it was the red wine simmer or the fresh herbs or some other awesome secret ingredient that made this choice fantastic. The noodles were a perfect el dente; the sauce was exceptionally tasty but not too heavy and I nearly cried when it was all gone.

CapMac is the youngest food truck in Washington, DC; meaning that when the totes friendly Brian and Victoria teamed up to start macaroni magic, they were both only 23 years old. They are now approaching CapMac’s two year anniversary in November and have nothing but amazing things to say about their customers who are known to inspire dishes like the Buffalo Chicken Mac. CapMac can also find a place in your heart as they are known for their involvement in entrepreneurial programs for youngsters and yuppies alike all around DC. Read the entire menu and all about Brian’s culinary experience here. Tweet, tweet: @CapMacDC