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by Lauren Jones

Let me be clear: Even in this governmental suits-and-ties city we inhabit, if what I am eating involves BBQ sauce, I will be licking my fingers. As you know, sauce is one of my two favs and I am not ashamed.

Meet Tadd Ruddell-Tabisola, owner of the BBQ Bus and winner of the DC Meat Week BBQ Food Truck Face Off. He even has a piggy trophy in his truck window. Tadd grew up in the restaurant business and followed it up with a rebellion against all things fine and tasty when he entered the world of software graphic design. Silly move, Tadd. When he realized this he bought a smoker, leased a kitchen in DC and moved his office into the kitchen; fading out the software work one rack of ribs at a time. So why BBQ? Tadd thinks it’s a great way to entertain and it brings people together. Because why have sticky, sweet BBQ sauce all over your face and hands if you can’t share that experience with others?


BBQ Bus truck dishes up pulled pork, spiced chicken, and beef brisket as well as homemade sides like spicy baked beans and crisp coleslaw. In the spring and summer they bring the sexy ribs back because what’s lunch under the sun if it doesn’t get a little messy? Top it all off with a number of hand crafted sauces and you’re ready for a finger lickin’ delicious time. In fact, the sauces are actually labeled by number. Tadd’s created 28 sauce recipes so far and the numbers he’s liked have stuck around. Although he’s tempted to rename them with proper titles, Tad’s worried that he’ll confuse customers who know the menu by heart and order by number. So don’t fret sauce #5 lovers, these digits are here to stay.

What might not be here to stay are DC’s finest food trucks. Oh. What, you didn’t hear?! The city government is getting ready to slap crazy ridiculous restrictions on our favorite roaming restaurants in the near future. You can help save the food trucks by signing the petition here.

Spring is all around us, peeps—well, not really, but it will be eventually. IT WILL. And then we will all be sweating and hating it. So while the weather’s nice, let’s take the time to remember that there’s nothing better than the sweet springtime smell of BBQ and democracy. Menu items start around $9. TweetTQ: @bbqbusdc

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