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by Lauren Jones

Have you heard the news, peeps? The Ben and Jerry’s Food Truck has landed in Washington and they are dishing out free frozen Greek yogurt daily. It’s kind of the bomb-diggity. Yeah, I just said that. Bomb. Diggity.

Cruising about the country, the truck will be handing out #OMGFreeBenJerrys in and around the district until June 30th. If that doesn’t suit your fro-yo fancy (which it will, because you should be a normal human being/yuppie who will do anything for free shit) you can help churn the city into a new flavor by voting here until June 16th.

In this hot, hot city of ours, what’s not to love about free mobile sweets that will cool you down and make you swoon? America is all about the pursuit of happiness, right? Ben and Jerry’s has just made it that much easier for us. Tweet them in hopes that they will come straight to your location @BenJerrysTruck