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by Lauren Jones

I’d like to think that there isn’t anyone I know who doesn’t like to stuff their face. With the outburst of food trucks in DC, noshing on little bits of mobile culinary heaven has been made easy. If you ever hit up Farragut Square or Metro Center on a Friday between 11:30am and 2:00pm you are bound to find yourself in a haze of gastronomic bliss. It’s also incredibly confusing if you are indecisive or lacking an obnoxious K Street powerhouse attitude. So, I will make your life simpler by delivering a weekly review on a food truck with all of the deets you need to keep your bellies and wallets full. You’ll thank me after you exit your food coma.

This week I nommed on Basil Thyme where I met Brian Farrell, noodle maker in chief, who assured me that all of their Italian lasagnas are made from scratch–noodles, sauce and all. Carbs and sauce—two of my favorite things! The menu offered a traditional meat, chicken florentine and veggie selection as well as two specials featuring crab and lobster. I choose the veg selection called Giuseppe which was based on real black truffles, gorgonzola cheese and portobello cream sauce. Then, I crumbled and also tried the crab and lobster lasagnas which are each loaded with big pieces of their given shellfish. OMG. The Giuseppe was my favorite—rich, creamy and the truffle/cheese concoction of deliciousness almost melted in my mouth. Did I mention rich? In a good—I wanted to lick my plate clean in public—way of course. The seafood options were also delicious and not as heavy as I would have expected. The lobster piece won out over the crab because it was a bit saucier, sweeter and, well, lobster is the high roller in any meal. All meals come with a mixed green salad and a cannoli du jour—I received the chocolate mousse. And to wash it all down, a crisp homemade basil lemonade. The homespun ingredients are a standout and it was all ready to go in 60 seconds. Seriously, the meal was so good I wanted to box it up and ship it to my family members for dinner. The food will run you about $11 and I promise that you will be beyond full until dinnertime.

Next week: Far East Taco Grill